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Dog Lover!

25 Apr
Dear AskLotta,
I’m thinking about getting a dog. I’m in my early 20s and love love love animals! I have a few roommates who are all dog lovers too. However, I have a full time job and a pretty active social life. I think that between my roommates and I, we’ll be able to look after it without a problem but I thought I’d ask for your advice first. Any thoughts?
Thank you much,
Dear Dog Lover,
Asklotta and staff have many thoughts even some on this topic (please see photo) for affirmation of my advice!


My quick and correct answers as per your request to MIND YOUR BUSINESS, are you nuts? You’re in early 20’s, working full time (very lucky) with a wonderful social life; you must be very adorable and smart. Just because you love and want something doesn’t make it OK to act on it! Do not get a dog with the theory “I think”.  It sounds unclear at best and leads me to believe you and your roommates have not discussed the full commitment and responsibility of a dog in a serious and mindful manner, exactly who will be responsible for what?  If your living arrangement changes, who gets the dog? (NOT ME!!!) Which ex roommate will continue with the help and care of the dog after life changing events? Hmm let me guess…none! 
Asklotta wants to be perfectly clear; to ensure there is nothing about my advice that could be misconstrued as cloudy or ambiguous, there is a hiring freeze at CBCorp! NO MORE full time employees will be hired now or in the future! In fact, Asklotta is looking forward to one day downsizing the Corporation (an aging employee!)
From one dog lover to another… You will know when it is the right time to take on such a huge responsibility. Asklotta and staff are completely confident that you will agree on how important it is to build a business/career and to be connected to your community (socially and athletically) without being weighed down with additional responsibilities that you do not need to own in this moment in time!
It has been a pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO
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