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Lance Armstrong – No Surprises!

22 Jan
Dear Readers,

Last Sunday afternoon I was reading one of my favorite blogs Candid Observation and she had written a posting on Lance Armstrong regarding his come to Jesus moment with Oprah.
The title of her posting…And she writes…  
“What Does Remorse Look Like?”
“I have always been interested in what real remorse looks like to those who are looking for it. If a person cries, in court or any other venue, those who are ready to pick at a bleeding sore will often say that the tears are phony, orchestrated in order to garner sympathy.”
My thoughts,
I have no idea what remorse looks like, I certainly know how it feels.  But with that said, I do believe there are some people unable to be remorseful no matter what they say or look like like. Lance Armstrong’s arrogance and his grand sense of entitlement hurt a lot of people. Lance thought he was bigger and better than anyone coupled with a mission to destroy anyone who got in his way if they didn’t fold like a deck of cards to every demand. He never looked inward to his behavior only outwards to others, never self-correcting…. Lance tried to ruin the lives of fellow teammates and their families with his bullying, intimidation and suing…for their sin of being truthful, honest and self-correcting. His actions went beyond one or two remorseful indiscretions. He was an evil bully on two wheels and now he is just evil on two legs….I bet Cheryl Crow is counting her lucky stars he dumped her, painful at the time but God works in mysterious ways!
Personally, I do not care or will I ever care if he is remorseful that is between him and his God. But I do believe in Karma….enough said!
Please read another great posting on this subject…
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today wondering if evil is born or created?
Again it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO
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