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Giving Up? OR Accepting What Is?

29 Sep


Giving up…or…Accepting what is?

Today, you decide!

What Do You See?

27 Aug

I recently purchased Kangoo Runners and posted this picture on my Facebook page.


The comments ranged from (please see below), “you are going to kill yourself to please video!” Basically saying when you do kill yourself, I want to laugh my ass off!

“Just fill out the hospital admission form ahead of time.”

You’re going to kill yourself, Are you serious?

“I’m not sure…those look dangerous!”

“please video tape this” – My very funny sister and a very funny friend of my daughter’s left this comment


…After I stopped laughing, it hit me like a two by four across the face….As these moments always do.

Pure and good  admission of honesty right here folks…

…I have to admit, I NEVER once saw the Kangoo Runners as dangerous, thought NEVER popped into my head…Just a whole lot of FUN!

Is there something wrong with me?


Is there something right with me?

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela

So far I have been correct. I have had a blast running in them! A great joyful workout completely void of fear!

What do you see?

Danger or fun…As always, it’s your decision!


23 Jun

As I looked into the beautiful rising sun this morning, I was reminded of balance.

What started off as bright light of warming peace and servenity…

…turned into blinding discomfort.

Today, you decide where your enough is…


29 Jan

OK please tell me it’s not just me….But who else has someone in their life who (#blesstheirheart) over uses # that you just want to scream…




Maybe this is nothing more than



possibly I am





For those of you who are able to

#manage (#nooveruse) do not feel self-conscious….There is a time and a place (#whenandwhere)! And you are in that #blessed place!

BUT for the rest of you…






We Must Keep Our Eyes On The Light!

17 Dec

Dear Readers,


We are people of Joy and we are people of hope and though right now it seems to be in complete conflict given the senseless tragedy in Newtown, CT.


We are also people who want to make sense of it, we want to understand it and control it…. But we cannot make sense, understand or certainly control evil, disease and mental illness that existence in the world.


But we can control ourselves! How we act towards others and the words we choose to spit out or even the words we choose to keep to ourselves!




I certainly do not have a single answer for last Friday’s massacre in Newtown, Ct… But I do know one thing for sure…. It is the answer to all questions…


         Love is our light. It is literally our way out of our suffering.

              -Fred Phillips


 None of us knows how long we will be on this earth….


So with all that said….


We must keep our eyes on the light ( calm, peace and love) and not on the dark (jealousy, hate and death) to keep our serenity.



         Happy Xmas (war is over) by John Lennon




Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today only focusing on the light!


Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!


Kindest regards,




President and CEO




Actively Stopping!

10 Dec
Dear Readers,
Below is an insightful quote from Troy of aslongasimsinging.wordpress.com. I will take his advice and I hope you do too!
“In my humble experience, the “magic” of the holidays only happens when you actively stop. Just stop, and allow it to happen for you, instead of because of you.”

-Troy from the blog aslongasiamsinging.wordpress.com
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today actively stopping and allowing it to happen!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

The Power to Change!

28 Jun
Dear Readers,
It never ceases to amaze me the bad choices and decisions people make in their life with the expectations of deriving happiness, peace and success from those ill actions. Such said people closely hold on to their bitterness (feelings of entitlement and being wronged) like a mother holds on to her nursing baby…so close and protective! It is by those miserable examples in life that reaffirm living a life of integrity, honor and love is the only road to true happiness!  
So with that said…How many times have you started off a sentence “yes, but…” or thoughts of “if only…,” probably far too many times! Today Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS in peace and in serenity.

“Yes, but…” These two words have become a signal to me that I am refusing to accept something over which I am powerless.  My world is rich with wonderful gifts: beauty, a loving fellowship, and challenges that strengthen and prepare me for a better life.  Is it worth it to deny these gifts by wishing things were different?  Will it make them change?  No! I prefer to accept them gladly, enjoy them thoroughly, and humbly accept the reality my Higher Power offers without any “yes, buts.”

The harsh tone, the unkind word, the apparent indifference of another is usually over in a few minutes.  What price am I paying by holding on to those few minutes?  I don’t have to like reality, only to accept it for what it is.  This day is too precious to waste by resenting things I can’t change. When I accept everything as it is, I tend to be reasonably serene.  When I spend my time wishing things were different, I know that serenity has lost its priority.”
“Courage to Change” One Day at a Time in Al-Anon II

Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!

Kindest regards,

President and CEO

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