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Purging and Moving The Perfect Couple

29 Apr

It is finally spring in Cleveland… Yippee!

And I am moving (down-sizing) or maybe the correct word is “right-sizing”!


As anyone knows who has ever moved (and who hasn’t) this is a time for crazy, hard-work and emotional stress…

…Unless of course you are one of these incredible people that does not put emotional feelings on inadament objects! Who ever you are, I love you!

Don’t get me wrong, we all have some photos we just adore of family/friends or some books that make us feel at home.


If you’re like the rest of us, that the word no isn’t in our vocabulary, when it comes to a family member giving us something that has been in the family for years. Personally, I don’t have the heart to say no.  It feels like I’m saying, I do not want Papa and Granny in my house, ouch! Plus my basement/attic can and could easily handle the additional stuff.

If this is you then please keep reading!


Yesterday, charity carried out Granny, Papa, Mom, Dad, Ex’s, Aunts and Uncles and I went into this almost Zen state of calm (almost weightlessness) with feelings of love and peace. I never realized how I was being weighted down with beautiful and happy memories of the past.


Moving is a new beginning, an oppotunitity to push the reset button. To create new space for yourself and your family, that makes everyone feel lighter and giving a renewed sense of (hope) possibilities!

As my oldest step-son said to me about a year or so ago, “Change is going to happen, you can fight it or go with it, but it’s still going to happen.” Wise words my friend!


…My advice to those of you who are not moving…


It’s spring, new beginnings (rebirth). It is time to actively fill your space with new possibilities. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear, that someday is holding you down…Get rid (NOT EASY) of pictures, furniture, old pillows/sheets etc, creating new space in your home for that Zen state of peace and happiness.


To my children, I say this with love and deep respect… I give you full permission to give away, sell and/or throw-out any and all objects/stuff I am saving for you!!!

Happy Purging!








Life’s Sprinkles!

25 Feb



“Sometimes you need a little sprinkles in your life.”


Over the last two weeks (and really my whole life) the heavens have been showering beautiful and delicious sprinkles down on me…


…I want to take a humble moment to give thanks and appreciation!

Thanksgiving for prayers answered!



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