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13 Oct


Today, what and/or who will you let go of?

…To allow happiness in your life…

Giving Up? OR Accepting What Is?

29 Sep


Giving up…or…Accepting what is?

Today, you decide!

Loving Words On Thursday!

4 Sep

“It happens all the time in heaven,

And some day

It will begin to happen

Again on earth-

That men and women who are


And men and men who are lovers,

And women and women

Who give each other light,

Often will get down on their


And while so tenderly

Holding their lover’s hand,

With tears in their eyes,

Will sincerely speak, saying,

My dear,

How can I be more loving to you;

How can I be more kind?”






4 Aug


Today…Staying aware of beginnings!


21 Jul



Today, what act of kindness will you do?….

As always, it’s your decision!

Warning…Conscious Pricking!

2 Jul

“The power of willful ignorance cannot be overstated.”

As soon as I heard these words spoken, it was as if I got hit by a two by four. Clarity was undeniable.

Willful ignorance is damaging and empowers the mean!

It explains and defines so much in our society (Wars, Islamic Extremists. Bullies, Environmental Damage, Child-Abuse, Elderly-Abuse, Bigotry, Guns, Political-Abuse, Angry-People, etc…)

We all go about our day in a state of pretending with more excuses than Jiffy has peanut butter…

…it is none of our business

…it doesn’t involve me

…I don’t have time

…I can’t make a difference

…It doesn’t matter

…I hate to make waves

…I don’t want to get involved

How many times have you heard these songs play in your head? Does the melody comfort you?

It takes a tremendous amount of inner strength to stop numbing ourselves into willful ignorance.

Maybe for just one day… Just One Day……


We can CHANGE…

We can step outside our comfort zone and be BRAVE…

…To willful acts of strength in KINDNESS (to speak up, to take action) and do the right thing!

…To make a positive difference in someone’s life!

Today, you decide!


Kindness vs Intentions

30 Jun



Today, you decide!



25 Jun

My son celebrated his birthday last weekend which brings to an end our birthday season….And it got me thinking.


In the past..I never understood why some adults made such a big deal out of birthdays, their own, and even to people they barely knew. It’s not like that birthday person did anything especially heroic to be born (wasn’t even their choice) or has solved any of the world’s big problems (cure for cancer, world peace)

And then, (as always), my thoughts started to wander about the whole cosmic birthday thing…

I thought…Why do some people love their birthdays and others would rather take that day off the calendar?

Are birthdays all about age? Are we just checking off one more year from the living calendar?

Are birthdays the annual (anniversary) reminder of happy and/or sad yesteryears?

Maybe for some, birthdays are filled with unattainable expectations of birthday grangers? Trying to fill a bottomless childhood emotion?


…Is it something different?


…Is it supposed  to be something different?

As I get older I hear my sweet, brilliant and beautiful mother’s words play over in my head, she would say, “There is more to old age than gray hair and wrinkles.”


Once again this post provides me yet another opportunity to say, Mom I love you and you are correct, as always XXOO!

…As I run, jump and skip through life’s birthdays, I’ve discovered, birthdays are not a time to take stock in life’s happy milestones or sad failures (that’s for the day after) but  a time to celebrate relationships (we are all connected). And age (birthdays) gives us the opportunity to know this!

I’ve discovered…

…It’s not about being center of attention or about the gifts!…Though I do L O V E the Godiva Chocolates my sister gives me every year :)!

BUT instead,

Birthdays are an opportunity to connect and reconnect with family, friends and yes even with strangers…It’s a day of opportunities, to go out of your way to pepper even more kindness into the world, to bring people together and to celebrate love, friendships and hopeful new beginnings, regardless of age!

God gives us a gift every year, it’s called a birthday…

…Humbly and filled with gratitude, I thank you God, for gracing my son and daughters this year with your generous and precious gift of another birthday!





Happy Father’s Day!

15 Jun

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.”
― Antoine François Prévost, Manon Lescaut

To Be Right?? OR To Be Kind??

9 Jun


Today, you decide???

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