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What Do You See?

27 Aug

I recently purchased Kangoo Runners and posted this picture on my Facebook page.


The comments ranged from (please see below), “you are going to kill yourself to please video!” Basically saying when you do kill yourself, I want to laugh my ass off!

“Just fill out the hospital admission form ahead of time.”

You’re going to kill yourself, Are you serious?

“I’m not sure…those look dangerous!”

“please video tape this” – My very funny sister and a very funny friend of my daughter’s left this comment


…After I stopped laughing, it hit me like a two by four across the face….As these moments always do.

Pure and good  admission of honesty right here folks…

…I have to admit, I NEVER once saw the Kangoo Runners as dangerous, thought NEVER popped into my head…Just a whole lot of FUN!

Is there something wrong with me?


Is there something right with me?

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela

So far I have been correct. I have had a blast running in them! A great joyful workout completely void of fear!

What do you see?

Danger or fun…As always, it’s your decision!

LMAO Monday!

14 Apr

Today’s contribution is from my dear dear friend BB!…Thank you BB for all the most wonderful enriching (friendship) contributions to my life, I’m filled with gratitude!!!



Dear God,

So far today,

I haven’t gossiped,

I haven’t lost my temper,

I haven’t been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish or over-indulgent.

I’m very thankful for that.

But in a few minutes, God,

I’m going to get out of bed…

and from then on,

I’m probably going to need a lot more help.


Games and Rules!

4 Mar

As I walked into my neighbors home, Thing Two (age 4) was in his mother’s arms completely relaxed. His breathing and hers had become one. Together their chests rising and falling, slowly inhaling with long slow exhales. Calm was in the room as if it was something I could touch. I even noticed my breathing had become slower with longer calming breaths  .

In Thing Two’s hand was a tiny toy he was clinging to, his reassurance that his brother (Thing One) wasn’t going to completely get exactly everything he wanted (or so he thought).  I was witnessing the calm after the storm. Apparently several minutes (thankfully) before my arrival the outburst was set into motion by Thing One’s thoughts and ideas about how a game should be played….I’m not positive on all the details but I think it had something to do with, everyone has to play by my rules or else kind of a game!

Well anyway….

As I looked over at Thing One looking very angelic and playing so peacefully on the floor. He gave the appearance  that he was totally unaware of the how and why of Thing Two’s unnerving, I couldn’t help it, I started to laugh (it really was hilarious). All of a sudden Thing Two said, it’s too noisy in the room.  His mother said with a smile and a giggle , funny how this works…people never seem to mind the volume of their own noise (screaming) but other people’s noise is unsettling.”


…As you know from my past post, I truly believe God works in mysteries ways!

God was winking at me, and now getting my full attention.

This whole scene reminded me of a quote from the Dalai Lama that I had once read…”You can not lose what you do not cling to.”

God gave me that moment in time, to understand that true peace, is in, the letting go.

Sadly for many adults, maturing (respecting others) is far too difficult and letting go seems so terribly unfair.

AND…Let me reassure you, because of great parenting, Thing One and Thing Two are growing taller, stronger and maturing perfectly!

Life’s Sprinkles!

25 Feb



“Sometimes you need a little sprinkles in your life.”


Over the last two weeks (and really my whole life) the heavens have been showering beautiful and delicious sprinkles down on me…


…I want to take a humble moment to give thanks and appreciation!

Thanksgiving for prayers answered!



What Ever I Want, What Ever You Want!

2 Jan
Dear Readers,

Good morning! 
We are several hours into the New Year and I have been reading well wishes from friends for 2013…
Happy New Year! Wishing you lots of love and fun … and some peace in 2013! xxoo

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best 2013 can bring

See you in 2013!

Happy Happy New Year!! xo
Wishing all of you lots of love and peace this New Year!
AND it hit me, the fireworks went off in my head (finally)…it is all possible.. 2013 can be exactly what I want, it can be exactly what you want…peace, love, fun, all the best. It doesn’t have to be left up to chance or just a pie in the sky dream.
Let me back-up for a little bit..
Everything and anything worth having takes hard work! (Everyday I see people applying this philosophy in the gym) 
It’s all possible (yes) not because of what the world/family/friends/strangers are finally doing or finally not doing… it is what YOU are finally doing and not doing (Lindseth is right).
To quote Troy from aslongasimsinging.wordpress.com…”I chose the playlist in my head.” Yes, you are the one who choses what plays between your ears!
I love putting great ideas and thoughts into tangible action. So with that said, below are four steps to live the life you so desire, the life your friends and family want for you… love, peace and happiness!
Now lets skip straight to the starting line, because right now is always a great time to begin!
Action Plan:
1 – Everyday say the mantra…NO ONE OWES ME ANYTHING! In fact say it three times a day!
2 – Everyday say three things you are appreciative of 
3 – Everyday say “I forgive (fill in the blank)” Does not matter if that person has asked for your forgiveness or even wants it….just give it…
4 – Everyday say “I surrender all my concerns to God!”
If you really work these four steps (hard) your desired 2013 will happen… 
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today working my action/happiness plan!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

Day 3 – The Shortest Route Is 28, The Longest Is 60 Miles Of Heartache!

26 Sep

Dear Readers,


If lounging and sleeping is what you like, 

then stay in bed, for Day 3 will be a painful hike. 


Breakfast at 7am at the Big 3 Diners. 

“Route Talk” by the trailer, no room for whiners!


Luggage packed and placed by the door,

with aching muscles we’re ready for more.


We are given five riding options, 

none are for the weak or meek!


For this is Day 3 as I said,

and we’re only here for one glorious week!


The shortest route is 28,

the longest is 60 miles of heartache!


One by one we choose our mile count,

onward and upward, our bikes we mount!


We will be heading west towards the beautiful ocean! Up and out of Sonoma,

through the town of Santa Rosa, 

along a creekside bike path-a,

 all 14 of us arriving at Bodega Bay-a…And all rhymed out! (as if you couldn’t tell)


 But before arriving at our next Inn to take our helmets off, placing our heads down on our well-earned pillows, we will first learn about the Lavender Gardens at Matanzas Creek Winery, enjoying yet another scrumptious gourmet picnic lunch (thank you Mason, Courtney and Mark) over looking the beautiful Lavender Gardens. 

Please see photos below…





A little tidbit of information for your memory files,

It takes about two to three weeks to completely dry lavender and then it is used in many products as well as wines! Lavender is supposed to calm anxiety!


Asklotta and staff is MINDING YOUR BUSINESS today completely anxiety-free with a delicious scented lavender hand lotion spiced with pumpkin and vanilla! Yummy!


Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!


Kindest regards,




President and CEO




Day One, The Van!

24 Sep
Dear Readers,
My last six days all began with one morning in San Francisco…
I was sitting on a van with my silent investor along with 10 of my nearest and dearest (one couple was already at our meeting point, brilliant). Traveling North from S. F. to Calistoga presently all dressed in colorful biking clothes to begin our six-day biking adventure/vacation. I am listening to the most hilarious banter going back and forth, the funniest sh$t I have heard in such a long time. So funny, so inspirational, I even think most Canadians would double over laughing with this group! 
Please know I L O V E these people and L O V E giving each and every one of them sh$t. If done well (never mean) is truly a fine sport.  To be enjoyed whether as player or as a spectator! And COULD and SHOULD be an official sport in the summer and winter Olympics!
But allow me to back track for a moment….
We are… simply put: still curbside!  
One would think getting on a van at a schedule time at a schedule location would be an easy task (a no brainer so to speak) no formal education needed but for this highly educated group it seems to be a bit over reaching, too difficult to master much less done well!
(I will introduce the players (will need some latitude) on a need to know bases.)
We have Mr. Hilarious who is married to Mrs. Beautiful and Sweet.  Mr. Hilarious can turn any word and/or any situation into a hilarious laugh-a-thon. He has a gift! 
Mr. Drugg Report is married to Mrs. Not A Morning Person but can stay up late, is on the trip as well. Mr. Drugg Report can turn any word and/or any situation in to a political conspiracy plot. This morning (conspiracy or not) they have not appeared from the hotel to get on the van at the scheduled time. Mr. Hilarious barks a few words in to his cell phone at them followed by some grunting noises in response for all to hear. 
Have I mentioned we have NOT left the curb yet?
Mr. Tip, (nickname given in high school) is married to Mrs. Super Woman. Mrs. Super Woman can race up mountains on a bike with a smile on her face, and (damn it) looking gorgeous! Mr. Tip is our unofficial/official group leader who is very funny! 
But unbeknown to a few of us (me) Mr. Tip has a disappearing act while traveling!  
It seems as if the disappearing act of Mr. Tip can be counted on as one can count on the sun rising in the East and setting in the West. Mr. Tip is here one minute and like Houdini poof he’s gone! I experienced this first hand, one minute I saw him on the van and the next, poof gone! At this point no one even blinks and just knows he will reappear at any given moment looking quite innocent of any wrongdoing. 
Please remember the first and only mandatory activity that needs to be completed by our group on Day One is to get on the van and stay on the van for a 10:00 AM departure! Which still seems so challenging for a few of us.
I hope I mentioned we are all friends!  This vacation will be a reminder that speaks loudly and boldly to just how lucky I am to have the friends that I do and to be on vacation with them…for their friendship means the world to me!  
Which is why I am counting every single one of my lucky stars along with every singe one of my lucky miles for these loving and oh so funny people in my life.
So with all that said, our journey (biking through Napa and Sonoma Counties) final begins…Boarding the van has been completed, an hour and forty minutes later we are in beautiful wine country!
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today with a smile on my face and love in my heart for having completed the 30 miles from Calistoga to Yountville (900 ft. elevation gain)!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

“Loneliness & Poverty”

1 Jun
Dear Readers,
TGIF – A good friend from CT with the most hilarious sense of humor (and blond hair) sent this to me in an email (as well as others) and I couldn’t stop laughing. So in the spirit of sharing some fun on this wonderful Friday please enjoy and pass it on to anyone you think needs something ridiculous to laugh about!

Loneliness & Poverty
Here’s a fabulous explanation of the symbiosis between “loneliness” & “poverty”. .
When your kids (or grand kids) ask you “why they have to study or work hard all their life and continue making money?” Show them these pictures of Brian Armastrongo, President of Renault, and his current girlfriend below.
And then explain that this is not a ‘love relationship” but a “hate relationship”.

Asklotta and staff had so much fun MINDING YOUR BUSINESS today and remind you, sometimes there is nothing wrong with laughing at yourself!

Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!

Kindest regards,


President and CEO


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