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Warning…Conscious Pricking!

2 Jul

“The power of willful ignorance cannot be overstated.”

As soon as I heard these words spoken, it was as if I got hit by a two by four. Clarity was undeniable.

Willful ignorance is damaging and empowers the mean!

It explains and defines so much in our society (Wars, Islamic Extremists. Bullies, Environmental Damage, Child-Abuse, Elderly-Abuse, Bigotry, Guns, Political-Abuse, Angry-People, etc…)

We all go about our day in a state of pretending with more excuses than Jiffy has peanut butter…

…it is none of our business

…it doesn’t involve me

…I don’t have time

…I can’t make a difference

…It doesn’t matter

…I hate to make waves

…I don’t want to get involved

How many times have you heard these songs play in your head? Does the melody comfort you?

It takes a tremendous amount of inner strength to stop numbing ourselves into willful ignorance.

Maybe for just one day… Just One Day……


We can CHANGE…

We can step outside our comfort zone and be BRAVE…

…To willful acts of strength in KINDNESS (to speak up, to take action) and do the right thing!

…To make a positive difference in someone’s life!

Today, you decide!


I Have A Question!

6 May

Would someone be oh so kind to let me know, when did turning on your blinker in-advance before making a turn while driving in your car become out of vogue?

Have states changed their driving laws regarding the use of blinkers? Do you now get ticketed if you warn other drivers a head of time of your intentions regarding turns?


Maybe in a world that lacks privacy (personal information on internet), drivers now feel turning left or right is regarded as personal information that is closely guarded?

I’m just saying…

No longer is it just that one occasional jerk that seems to be allergic to using their blinkers. 

Today, as I was driving around doing errands for about 45 minutes, I think all of one person used their blinker in advance. I am not embellishing not one little bit. There were a few drivers, peppered in, that turned their blinker on right in the middle of the turn…

…I mean really?

I say by that time, why bother! Everyone and their brother already knows what you’re doing!

No exaggeration on this one… I was stopped this morning at a red light, a dog’s head was hanging out the driver’s side window. Light turned green, the car or I should say the dog didn’t move. Only to find out the driver was turning left and it became very clear I had not been given clearance on such high level security information regarding their left turn! 

Oh well…

…Maybe the dog hadn’t learned to turn blinkers on yet?

I’m just say…Namaste!



He Said, She Said…

17 Mar


He said… “do you want to go for a walk?”

She said… “sure”

He said… “would you ever get married again?

She said… “NO”

He said… “I would”

She said… “not me!”

He said… “I’m just calling to make sure you got home safely”

She said,…”Thank you, that is so sweet of you”

He said… “Would you like to go out on a date?”

She said… “I would love to”

He said… “I will protect your heart and risk mine”

She said… nothing out loud but felt loved

He said… will you marry me?

She said… YES!

Eight years later (today)…..

He said, “happy anniversary to the love of my life”

She said, nothing out loud but felt even more loved….

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