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The Morning and Marley!

3 Aug

Friday’s with Marley…

I was standing at the kitchen counter, simultaneously sipping my first cup of coffee and making my “to-do” list for the day when Marley sauntered in.

“Morning Marley,” I said cheerfully. “What’s on your agenda for today? Planning on being productive?”

Marley gave me a look as if I offended her sensibility.

“Really Marley, really” I began as I pulled out some kibble. “Is this attitude really necessary so early in the morning?”

“If you must know I am going to a few open houses today to get a feel for my purchasing power.” She yawned.

“I’m sorry, did you say bird chasing power?” I asked, sure I must have misheard this cantankerous k-9.

“Purchasing. Pur-chasing” she annunciated.

“Marley, I can save you some time and a little shoe leather, er, paw leath- whatever – I can save you the hassle and tell you right now that you have no purchasing power.

Marley looked at me without blinking.

I looked back.

She broke the silence first. “I fully expect my motivational speaking gig titled Dreaming Big will start bringing in that cold hard cash very soon.” She then sauntered toward the kibble singing under her breath “money, money, money, money… MO-ney!”

“Marley, given the current state of your affairs, I highly recommend working on your bird chasing power today instead. Look at all those geese on the lawn. Go get ’em!”

Marley looked at me as if I just suggested she pick up her own poo. She then pulled up some real estate listings on my Ipad and lay down, flipping through with her nose.

As I poured the kibble in her bowl I mumbled under my breath, “Dear Lord, I’m officially on crazy highway with no exit ramp.” Maybe I should listen to my friends Lori and Nancy and put something stronger in my coffee than cream!

Marley and The Summer Job!

20 Jul

Friday’s with Marley…

I was​ home​ on my roof deck​ sitting in a chair listening to a basic meditation audiobook in attempt to find some sort of calm and clarity in my life when Marley came sauntering onto my roof top paradise.

​​”Since you shut down my raffle last week, you have forced me into poverty and I’m in need of cash,” she barked.

‘Marley, you tried to sell my house without telling me,” I said incredulously. “Of course I shut it down.”

“I hate to say it, but you’re kind of a killjoy. However, I think I can help you become more lighthearted and unburdened.”

“You’re moving out?” I said with a side-eye.

“How would that help anything? No, no. You see I can help you, but that’s not enough for me– I want to help more than just the person who feeds me — so I’ve decided to become a motivational speaker as a summer job. These are the Dog Days of Summer after all, which going forward will hereby be known as the Marley Days of Summer.”

“Marley,” I said​ calmly and without judgement trying hard not to get wrapped up in her crazy​. “We are almost at the end of July. Basically there is only one month left of summer,​ you don’t have time to become a motivational speaker– and hang on, furthermore I am not a killjoy!”

“See this is what I’m talking about.” She said. “You ​always​ darken my door with your negativity, halting any creative outside the box thinking. I, as a positive motivational speaker see summer as a state of mind. The Dog Days of Summer may only last a month, but the Marley Days of Summer last all year.”

“Marley, the only box you think outside of is the litter box. I know I’m going to regret asking this but, what is your area of motivational expertise? Fitness? Food? Weight-loss? Spirituality?”

Marley licks her lips, yawns, lays down on the floor, shuts her eyes and mumbles, “how to dream big,” before falling asleep at my feet.


Marley and The Work-Out!

19 Jun

Friday’s with Marley…

Like many early-risers, I like to wake up and go to the gym. Sometimes I run on the elliptical, sometimes I do yoga — I just can’t start my day unless I’ve worked up a sweat.

This morning was a yoga morning. About 10 minutes into class who comes wondering in but Marley. She sauntered right up next to me and unrolled her mat.

“MARLEY! What are you doing here?” I whispered. “You hate working out.”

Marley finished setting up and immediately got into a modified Downward Dog, in that she just lay down. “I am meditating, becoming one with mother earth and getting centered. I’m getting mind, body and spirit on the same page. And furthermore, I’m at the gym, which means I’m working out.”

“Marley, lying on the ground with your eyes shut is called a cat nap. As a dog, this is beneath you.”

“I don’t want to pull anything.” she said with a growl. “For today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

“Marley, I do hate being the one to knock you into reality…but sleeping in yoga class does not make it a work-out, you actually have to exert yourself.”

With a snort, Marley turned over with her eyes shut and said “I’m sorry, you do know it’s pronounced “nama-stay” not “nama-go” don’t you? I’m just doing as I’m told.”

“Marley, that is nama-stupid and you know it.”


Marley and The Road Trip!

5 Jun

Friday’s with Marley!

On a whim, Marley and I decided to drive cross-country Thelma-and-Louise style…


minus the murder/suicide, God willing… just the scarves and over-sized sunglasses part. So I planned the route, bought supplies and started packing. Once I did all of this, I realized that Marley was just lying there — sprawled across the floor — unable to make any packing decisions.

“Marley, please get yourself in 3rd gear (pun intended), we have a long day of travel ahead of us. The sooner you pack, the sooner we can get on the road.” As I left the room all I saw were a few non-essentials on the floor next to her — some Q-tips, a bag of kibble and a copy of “Driving for Dummies.” Curiously, “Dummies” had been crossed out in black sharpie and “Dogs” had been scribbled in.

Several hours later, we finally got in the car. But before I even put my key in the ignition I noticed something…Marley had decided this road trip of ours was an opportunity to sit in the backseat and act like she had a chauffeur.

IMG_1745 (1)

“Marley are you kidding me! Get in the front seat now, I’m not going to play this silly game of Driving Miss Daisy for the next four days. We’ve got places to go, people to see and things to do! Andiamo , Vamos, Allons-y, Lass uns gehen…LET’S GO!”

As Marley leaped into the front seat, she opened her mouth, tongue hanging out and immediately pushed her head out the window with a smile on her face! “Call me Thelma” she said. And leaned back with her scarf and sunglasses on to take a selfie.

Marley’s Party!

1 May

Friday’s with Marley…

5:55 AM my phone rings, I glance at caller ID, “Marley”…What’s happening? I say cheerfully!

“Party with my Homies tonight”

What, I say….a party at your house… tonight?….What are you kidding? Your parents are out of town.

Ya so, what does one thing have to do with another?

Marley, this is not a good idea! I’m just saying…Hate to be the one to knock you into reality…

I continued, this idea of yours reminds me of movie theater popcorn, smells delicious but it’s so bad for you.

Yum Marley said, I love popcorn. Don’t care where it’s from…

Marley I say a bit firmer, while pouring my first cup of coffee…You are purposely missing my point.

No I’m not, she barks! We are going to have so much fun…You are just being a kill joy! Plus, I’m not inviting the bitch down the street.

MARLEY, you know she has a name!

“Ya ya ya, What can I say? The bitch just likes to sniff around, make a mess and stick her big nose in my private business. She just rubs me the wrong way”

Ok, ENOUGH, I say…We are SO off topic!

Marley says with food in her mouth, “no worries, what could go wrong?… All my friends pee outdoors!



12 Mar


-From Pinterest




…Are my daily inspiration!

William and Flight 235

31 Dec

Our paths crossed William’s and mine…On a 6 AM flight from Cleveland to Atlanta. He was making his way home to San Antonio, TX and I like everyone else was criss-crossing the skies on non-direct flights from North to South to get West.

A few years ago kind William had been in the military serving his country proudly, defending our freedom…. But his last deployment to Afghanistan had left him an amputee. In place of a left leg were pieces of metal and bolts with a sneaker attached where a foot should have been. The war and his injuries were too much for his now ex-wife and along with his left leg he lost his marriage to that war as well.

We had talked about current events, some “attention getter headliners” and in his nonjudgmental tone his opinions was clear…And as he had gone through a healing process, William remains hopeful that much in our society that is now broken will mend as well

The war might have taken a physical toll, but William’s emotional and spiritual life is rock solid. He lives within his inner-peace and kindness. He doesn’t blame anyone or hold anger for what should or should not have been…William is filled with gratitude for all the pieces and parts of his life.

At 37, William is in graduate school getting his Masters in psychology and volunteers in schools where much is broken. He tells the kids the only way out is through education….He is going to relearn to swim in 2015 and p.s. he’s been dating someone special since April.

I believe people come into our life for a reason…For me, William is the happy and hopeful of the New Year!

Wishing you all a William in 2015!


25 Nov

“Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.”

-Douglas MacArthur



Recognizing Happiness!

29 Oct



Today, with purpose I will  recognize what I do have…filling me with gratitude and happiness!

What will you do today?…As always, it’s your choice!

A Weekend in September

24 Sep

The bride wore white, the groom wore black…

She carried a bouquet of harmony and gratitude…


He carried “his life” to happily ever after


Call it fate, call it destiny…They met eight years ago, accidentally…

She went West, he went Mid-West, accidentally…

He went skiing out West and accidentally, they met again…

Eight years ago…

Call it fate, call it destiny…

The most wonderful, fun, amazing, blessed weekend in the Colorado mountains…

Filled with….Families….

Families of….Beautiful old friends


Families of….Life changing new friends,


Families of….Magnificent weather,


Families of….Joyous laughter,


Families of…. love and renewed sense of spirit,



Just an “amazing family” weekend in September, that started, accidentally, eight years ago!


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