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Marley, Matt On Accident & The Poem!

21 Oct

Friday’s with Marley…

“Marley’s the puppy that schemes for your loot,
Narcissistic, and snooty to boot,
She’ll steal all but your clothes
If you don’t scratch her nose:
How can this half-pint sized thief be so cute?”

by Matt On Accident

Please go visit Matt On Accident….You will be completely entertained…


….Will not be disappointed…


Beauty In Negative Spaces!

23 Oct

I am once again taking an on-line Art History course from the MoMA. This time I am studying art from 1945-1989…A very interesting art period given the transitional period of post WWII, Madison Ave’s influences and a movement of political distrust.

Right now I am up to 1969, (week 4). The art during that time period started to focus on negative spaces…. The space where an object ends and your space begins. The space and relationship that was created due to something that is not in the emotional piece of the work.

A great example is Donald Judd’s 1967 “Untitled Stack.”The 9 inch spaces between the 9 inch industrial 3 dimensional¬†stacks purposely voids the artist in his work. Judd also would argue, “Untitled Stack” ¬† is the space between a painting and a sculpture. It’s mounted on the wall like a painting but yet it also does not stand alone like a sculpture.


But by 1969 the negative space was now the object of non-geometric, and non-ridged objects (anti-form), it was all about taking the “artist’s hand” out of the work (no visible brush strokes, etc) and it’s all about the (negative) space between the art, the environment and the viewer…

AND so that got me thinking…

…The question that begs to get asked…

Would the world (our relationships) be more artistic if we took ourselves out of our work? ¬†Ridding ourselves of entitlements, preconceived notions, ideas, expectations, and insecurities…But instead focus on the space between us and the physical/emotional/spiritual world?

I mean, it just could be the most beautiful negative space in our lives!

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