Marley and The Road Trip!

5 Jun

Friday’s with Marley!

On a whim, Marley and I decided to drive cross-country Thelma-and-Louise style…


minus the murder/suicide, God willing… just the scarves and over-sized sunglasses part. So I planned the route, bought supplies and started packing. Once I did all of this, I realized that Marley was just lying there — sprawled across the floor — unable to make any packing decisions.

“Marley, please get yourself in 3rd gear (pun intended), we have a long day of travel ahead of us. The sooner you pack, the sooner we can get on the road.” As I left the room all I saw were a few non-essentials on the floor next to her — some Q-tips, a bag of kibble and a copy of “Driving for Dummies.” Curiously, “Dummies” had been crossed out in black sharpie and “Dogs” had been scribbled in.

Several hours later, we finally got in the car. But before I even put my key in the ignition I noticed something…Marley had decided this road trip of ours was an opportunity to sit in the backseat and act like she had a chauffeur.

IMG_1745 (1)

“Marley are you kidding me! Get in the front seat now, I’m not going to play this silly game of Driving Miss Daisy for the next four days. We’ve got places to go, people to see and things to do! Andiamo , Vamos, Allons-y, Lass uns gehen…LET’S GO!”

As Marley leaped into the front seat, she opened her mouth, tongue hanging out and immediately pushed her head out the window with a smile on her face! “Call me Thelma” she said. And leaned back with her scarf and sunglasses on to take a selfie.

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