John’s Island and Marley!

18 May

My flight was seamless arriving in the warmth and beauty of Florida filling me with joy of the long awaited wedding weekend. The weekend promised to be fun, happy, loving with non-stop laughter! Loads of dear dear friends have traveled from all over to celebrate the joy and love of bride A and groom J.

The Mother-Of-The-Bride had reached out to her guests several times ensuring everyone was well taken care of…I was so appreciative. Friday morning the sunrise did not disappoint, the golfers lined up for their early morning tee times and I had my cup of coffee in hand, enjoying a gentle breeze.

I bowed to the east for thanks and gratitude when all of a sudden I see a golf cart speeding towards me with someone barking “get out of my way.” Knocking my cup of coffee out of my hand, spilling it all over the perfectly manicured grass. “MARLEY!” I screamed as I started sprinting after the the speeding golf cart…”What in God’s name are you doing here? I know you were NOT invited to this wedding!” Marley’s golf cart came to a screeching stop, and I caught up to her gasping for breath. She then turned to me and without blinking said ….”I know my invitation got lost in the mail. I mean, it would have been so rude not to show up,” before adding “Sorry can’t talk, I’m late for my foursome.” ….As Marley fumbled to get the golf cart started… I said… “Marley, you are acting like such a hound…I mean seriously pooch…You can’t be serious?”

As Marley sped off with her head out the window, she said…”I’m as serious as a heart attack.”


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