Shopping With Marley!

8 May

I have some fun celebrations coming up, (weddings, showers, birthdays etc.) so I thought I would buzz over to Saks Fifth Avenue for some fashion inspiration. My favorite sales associate happens to be there and she’s more than happy to pull some clothes for me to try on. She puts me in a very spacious dressing room, hangs the clothes on several hooks, and exits when all of a sudden I hear…

…”I would like a mimosa instead of a bottled water, thank you very much.”

“Marley is that you?”

“Yo homie, what’s happening?”

“MARLEY…For heavens sakes what are you doing in the dressing room at Saks?”

“Fall clothes are already showing up in stores and a girl should always be prepared for the unexpected.”

“You’ve got to be kidding….What possible “unexpected” could you be preparing for?”

Marley barks back at me with a bit of an attitude, “well… I have a vacation home in the mountains and I just want to make sure my wardrobe reflects my personality for the unexpected occasions while on vacation. I’m leaning towards that mountain chic feel.”

“First of all,” I said with a stern tone. “Marley, YOU do not have a vacation home, your parents do…Furthermore, after getting caught for last weekend’s party (and by the way not all your friends pee outdoors), vacations and clothes should be at the bottom of your concern list…Hate to knock you into reality, but you’ll be in the dog house for a very long time…I’m just saying!”


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