Marley’s Party!

1 May

Friday’s with Marley…

5:55 AM my phone rings, I glance at caller ID, “Marley”…What’s happening? I say cheerfully!

“Party with my Homies tonight”

What, I say….a party at your house… tonight?….What are you kidding? Your parents are out of town.

Ya so, what does one thing have to do with another?

Marley, this is not a good idea! I’m just saying…Hate to be the one to knock you into reality…

I continued, this idea of yours reminds me of movie theater popcorn, smells delicious but it’s so bad for you.

Yum Marley said, I love popcorn. Don’t care where it’s from…

Marley I say a bit firmer, while pouring my first cup of coffee…You are purposely missing my point.

No I’m not, she barks! We are going to have so much fun…You are just being a kill joy! Plus, I’m not inviting the bitch down the street.

MARLEY, you know she has a name!

“Ya ya ya, What can I say? The bitch just likes to sniff around, make a mess and stick her big nose in my private business. She just rubs me the wrong way”

Ok, ENOUGH, I say…We are SO off topic!

Marley says with food in her mouth, “no worries, what could go wrong?… All my friends pee outdoors!


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