A New Years Thought

8 Jan

Inhaling…exhaling…Inhaling…exhaling….arms swinging back and forth….music buds in ears, iPod tucked in front pocket of yoga pants, a huge smile…Thats me at 6:30 AM

And just as routine as my workouts are….

….So is Ken walking up to me with his charming and happy salutations!….After wishing him a Happy New Years, and without skipping a beat in between gasping for breath I say; lets talk un-PC of course.

Let me back up a little….

Ken is one of my wonderful gym friends (first names only) that greets me with smiles and happy/inspirational thoughts early early mornings. He is a 75 year old 6′ 1″ African American man who grew up with a single mother in the Bronx (New York City). A gang leader as a teen who is now an upstanding father/grandfather, who by the way, still works (part-time) and volunteers in places that need him the most.

Ken and I were talking about kids and guns when he said something very powerful…”When I was younger we fought, we did a lot of fighting but there weren’t any guns and I’m sure happy about that. Because I would have killed someone who ended up to be my best friend. He just died a year ago and I still miss him everyday. Kids now, could be killing their future best friend.”

He went off to his piece of equipment (bike) and I continued to run on my piece of equipment (elliptical)…As always, getting nowhere fast!….Enough said.

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