Truth and Peace!

3 Nov

I rode my bike to church this morning and as I was peddling my way back to my new home, I decided to change direction and stop off at Thing One and Thing Two’s home.

As you might or might not know Thing One and Thing Two started off as my neighbors,  and at some point, don’t know when, they turned into family!

And just a few months ago, all I had to do was walk through a row of bushes to to be with them.  But since my move, I now have to purposely stop at their home for an order of hugs with a side of joy, love and laughter!

But, with all that said, I am off track…What this post is about, TRUTH AND PEACE.

…This morning’s sermon was about Peace as a double edge sword. The Priest explained as christians we must always follow a life of truth, regardless if peace is lost in the process, including in your family and/or with your friends…

As I was explaining this to Thing One’s and Thing Two’s mother…

…The a-ha moment arrived…The shift in awareness became apparent…I realized when a belief  is based in love and kindness along with the belief that the truth will set you free…One realizes

…There is peace in the truth!

But, if you had to pick just one, which would you pick?









2 Responses to “Truth and Peace!”

  1. Charlotte November 3, 2014 at 2:15 pm #

    Certainly makes one think. I get what he was saying, and I can apply it to certain things like America joining the fight in WWII. However, it’s also what started WWII in the first place, and what caused the World Trade Towers to fall– people with backwards truths willing to fight for them. Today I pick peace.

    • asklotta November 3, 2014 at 3:13 pm #

      I hear you! AND agree! But I also believe some people’s truth only exist between their ears and is not based in reality but in their insecurities, anger and need for control..Truth is an independent entity!

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