Replacement Under Warranty –

30 May

9:30 PM Tuesday “All representatives are currently assisting other customers at this time, please continue to hold, we appreciate your patiences.”

I have fallen into Verizon Tech Support Hell…Replacement under warranty should be renamed “torture garenteed”

I need to back up just a bit to Tuesday morning to fully explain my experience in cell hell…

1) 10:00 arrival at Verizon store.

2) 10:22 a Verizon representative called my name

3) I told her why I was there, the “home” button on my phone was not working properly and I think the phone is still under the warranty.

4) After checking my account the Verizon representative said I had an up-grade available…Repeated myself

…”I think my phone is still covered under the warranty?”

4) Ah yes representative said, you have been paying for the extended warranty

…”Great! I’m all set, when do I receive my new phone?”

5) Representative said, lets first look at how much data you use. she said, you are paying for too much data, I recommend you change your plan, it will save you a little bit of money.

…Great, lets lower the data program and I’m all in favor of saving little bit money.

6) “Done” representative said

…OK now lets get me a new phone.

7) Representative, “can’t do that now”, account is locked due to a pending change in data plan. You can only make one change at a time and getting a replacement phone is a second request…You will now have to wait to June 6. I’m sorry your account is locked.

…Let me get this straight…I’ve already called in the cell priest to give the cell blessing of “last rights” before it dies, I came here specifically to get a new phone, and in 2014 Verizon ( a Technology Co.) does not have the capacity to do two things at once?

Verizon representative, you can put the order in for a new phone in a few days.

…I do not want to wait a few days and I walk out.

After running in circles compliments of Verizon, I get home and call Custom Care Verizon.

I get thrown into tech support and actually get a live person to talk to. I follow her tech instructions and then she hangs up promising to call me back in 20 minutes regarding my replacement phone…


4:00 PM I go on-line to see if I can figure out how to order a replacement phone under extended warranty.


9:30 PM Talked with Verizon again….Replacement phone ordered and delivery promised for Thursday.

Phone received as promised at 5 PM, dash over to Verizon to get all my junk transferred to my new phone and to ensure junk is deleted from old phone before mailing it back… And the cell Gods delivered mercy on me, Danny called my name to assist me!

Danny (has his masters in education but sadly makes more money with Verizon than in education) is a Verizon dream come true! He made all my Verizon cell phone wishes and fantasies come true.

I mailed back my broken phone to Verizon this morning, copied the tracking number down, I can begin to see the doors out of Verizon Hell and into normal ….At least for a moment, that is…

…Wishing you and all your love ones cell phones peace!

Thank you Danny!




2 Responses to “Replacement Under Warranty –”

  1. holycanolinj May 30, 2014 at 2:47 pm #

    This is one of the reasons why I knit. It is also helpful in the Verizon (ATT in my case) store because people tend to be a little intimidated if you are carrying large pointy objects.

    • asklotta May 30, 2014 at 5:16 pm #

      Hahahaha! Great suggestion!

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