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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

20 Mar

What should you do when life comes at you faster than a speeding bullet?

When decisions have to be made but yet you need more time to make them?

When making a decision doesn’t seem correct and delaying the decision is wrong as well?

When you catch yourself saying at least a couple times a day “beam me up


Or yelling (silently) how the F’in did I get here? Surely, there someone I can blame?


Then you remember (if you’re emotional stable) you are exactly where you are because of all your past actions and decisions you have made.


No matter how fast life comes at you,┬áthe real decision is…

…It’s either time to in-put a different longitude and latitude into your life’s GPS…


Stay on track, full steam ahead (blocking out counter productive distractions) and enjoying your journey!


The choice and consequences are always yours to own!

Either way, you will arrive somewhere! Either by choice or by default!


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