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The Other Woman!

7 Feb

My husband is up in our bedroom laughing with an another woman….Under normal circumstances I would not have a smile on my face but these past two weeks life has been anything but normal.

Two weeks ago today my husband had a total hip replacement (his second) and his recovery has been nothing short of amazing! I’m truly so appreciative.

BUT, that is not my story today….

…The other woman, is his physical therapist is my story.

Her name is Stephanie and this woman truly loves what she does…And it shows!

She comes into our house all smiles filled with joy, looking forward to engaging in our lives! She giggles as the dogs jump up on her, remembering their names from her last visit. ¬†Enthusiastic and ready to begin, getting my husband stronger and more capable of regaining his normal routine….Stephanie does not whine about the cold (-1) or any discomforts of her own, which I’m sure she could if she so chooses. She only brings happiness and joy into our house and into our lives. The house lights up and our spirits warm to her kindness.


What I really find amazing, Stephanie has been a physical therapist for 30 years and has the enthusiasm of someone just beginning their career!

How does that happen? I believe like everything else in our life regarding happiness…It is (as always) a choice!¬†

WOW is all I can say….I love the other woman!



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