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Life’s Sprinkles!

25 Feb



“Sometimes you need a little sprinkles in your life.”


Over the last two weeks (and really my whole life) the heavens have been showering beautiful and delicious sprinkles down on me…


…I want to take a humble moment to give thanks and appreciation!

Thanksgiving for prayers answered!



Victim No Longer!

24 Feb

About a month ago my husband had a full hip replacement and after 3 days in the hospital I drove him home on a brutal Cleveland winter day. Our home immediately transformed into a nursing home with prescription bottles decorating counters and rooms with rechargeable air pumps for his legs (to prevent blood clots) that sucked air in and out all day and ALL NIGHT …that he needed to wear all day and ALL NIGHT (bless his heart).  Along with other medical equipment to aid in his comfort and recovery.


…As the recovery (thankfully) has progressed with amazing speed (bless his heart)…

Our house has now been transformed into his office. With conference calls, deliveries and loud out bursts of “damn it”  because of a lost internet connection for a moment (bless his heart).


This morning as he moved from one room to the other with purpose and questions/requests for me (bless his heart), I was doing my best impression of I can’t hear you because what I’m watching (on television) is so interesting I can’t possibly turn my head and pay attention…Admittedly not being the best wife I could possibly be!


…As you know from previous post of mine, I truly believe God works in misteriest ways.

…So here we go…Or rather “hear” (tee hee) we go!

The television happened to have The View on with Gabrielle Union as a guest, she plays Mary Jane in “Being Mary Jane.” A truly stunning well spoken woman with a tremendous amount of love and energy…in her real life; marrying a man with three sons (a soon to-be blended family as she said).


…What truly did end up catching my attention (I know, took me a long time to get here) Ms. Union spoke about the turning point in her life when she realized she no longer wanted to be a victim (raped at gun point at 19 yrs. old) and instead wanted to be a survivor! Ms Union said, you get all the attention and excuses you thought you’ve always wanted when you were younger but the problem she realized was, it was for something negative. People were making excuses for her to be unhappy, making it easy for her not to reach her goals. Staying a victim prevents moving into a productive, happy, wonderful and loving life.

I asked my sister once, what is the difference between being supportive and being enabler? She responded with one word…”time.” I truly think she was spot on. To treat someone (over too much time) as a victim allows/enables them to keep victimizing themselves over and over again.


…On a positive note…My husband is going back to work today (bless his heart)!


God’s Valentines!

16 Feb

Thing One and Thing Two’s mother received an email from Thing Two’s Pre-School teacher. Being in the true spirit (giving) of February 14, she forwarded it on to me, thank you my dear friend (it made me so happy).

Not only do I love what is being taught in her son’s class…


…I also love God’s Valentines to us ALL!

I hope the photos make you as happy as it made me! From my heart to yours!














“All you need is love….”

February 14!

15 Feb

Well, did you all survive Valentine’s Day? 

Sure hope so!

Some people hate the day. To them it’s about failed expectations, it magnifies being alone and/or unhappy relationships. Or some say it’s just a Hallmark holiday to guilt us into parting with our money.

For me this could not be the furtherest from the truth.

I want to say it loud and say it often

I LOVE Valentine’s Day!

To me it’s not what I’m supposed to receive (the “perfect” gift), it’s not about the “perfect” romantic evening or anything else that has to do regarding “perfect” narcissism.

Rather, February 14 is about being:


More forgiving 

To make someone else feel loved/special

Letting them know they truly matter to you

To invite friends to come together and laugh

It’s about the beautiful opportunity to focus on others.

And personally….I find nothing wrong with a day that gives people so many wonderful and amazing oppotunities…

AND the icing on the cake, is to smile, look someone in the eye, and say…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

On February 14, you can have your cake and eat it too!






A Message of Love in the Snow

12 Feb

Kindness is contagious! Thankfully!!!

Kindness Blog

On Sunday, Rush Medical Center’s parking garage bore the message “Hi Mom” stomped into the layer of snow.  Complete with a smiley face in the “O”,  William Hart’s message could be seen from his Mom’s room where she was undergoing chemotherapy.

A Message of Love in the Snow

Needless to say, she saw his words which ended up lifting not only her mood but “warmed the spirits of other patients, families, nurses and doctors” – everyone in the hospital who could see it.  With help from his Uncle, William expanded his message to include “God Bless U.”

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Food For Thought…Apologizing!

10 Feb

I heard something interesting/thought provoking on CNBC (Squawk Box) today and just wanted to share..

If you apologize without addressing the hurt and damage you caused, the apology is insincere and creates more damage giving the impression you are dismissive and not sorry!

The guest went on to say but sadly due to our “entitlement” society we have today, what you don’t want happening for example; if you step on someone’s toe, you don’t want someone from the next room screaming they are in pain and owed compensation!

Food for thought!

The Other Woman!

7 Feb

My husband is up in our bedroom laughing with an another woman….Under normal circumstances I would not have a smile on my face but these past two weeks life has been anything but normal.

Two weeks ago today my husband had a total hip replacement (his second) and his recovery has been nothing short of amazing! I’m truly so appreciative.

BUT, that is not my story today….

…The other woman, is his physical therapist is my story.

Her name is Stephanie and this woman truly loves what she does…And it shows!

She comes into our house all smiles filled with joy, looking forward to engaging in our lives! She giggles as the dogs jump up on her, remembering their names from her last visit.  Enthusiastic and ready to begin, getting my husband stronger and more capable of regaining his normal routine….Stephanie does not whine about the cold (-1) or any discomforts of her own, which I’m sure she could if she so chooses. She only brings happiness and joy into our house and into our lives. The house lights up and our spirits warm to her kindness.


What I really find amazing, Stephanie has been a physical therapist for 30 years and has the enthusiasm of someone just beginning their career!

How does that happen? I believe like everything else in our life regarding happiness…It is (as always) a choice! 

WOW is all I can say….I love the other woman!



Two writers.

4 Feb

I thought this was so beautiful..Too sinful not to share! The most perfect couple!




A world apart

Minds alike

While one sleeps

The other dreams awake

Morning comes

Yet the sun sets

For the two writers

Who rush to read what’s next

The joy of waiting

Then the light comes on

Expectant for the pencil

The verdict is in

From New York

To Australia’s outback

Two writers grin

A love

Few can understand

Creative minds

Each other’s muse




(Dedicated to my muse; LadyBelz. )

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Drunk Posting!

3 Feb

Who out there is getting on Facebook at 1:00 in the morning after a few adult beverages and posting pictures of friends? Well, STOP IT NOW!

You are very close to (being blocked on Facebook) and an intervention that will land you a 30 day stay at The Betty Ford Clinic.

My suggestion if you are…




feeling nostalgic or have had at least one adult beverage…

…Step away from your technology!

Before you damage yourself and friendships (present and future)

It’s too damaging and you cannot un-ring a bell. No matter how much your rational (in the moment) lucid and/or sober self regrets!

Of course, this is just a suggestion for a kinder and more peaceful existence!

Again as always, it is your decision!






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