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Cold and Homeless!

31 Jan

About two weeks ago I sat in my car in front of a lovely restaurant in town waiting for my “take-out” dinner. 

Just a second I need to back-up even further…

My husband was out of town and I decided I wanted an early dinner from this lovely restaurant that I enjoy going to. I took it even a step further, (lazier) and thought if there wasn’t a parking place available right in front of the restaurant I will keep driving because I do not even feel like walking a little for my dinner tonight…Far too cold and windy!

Well, lord and behold a fine parking space right in front of my restaurant. Yippee, I thought, God is taking such good care of me, far too cold to be out and about!

I called in my order from my cell phone, still not needing to brave the elements as my ass sat in my warm car (music playing). I was told it would be about 15 minutes. I sang “no problem.” 

I played words with friends, talked with friends and then decided to look at all my amazing stocks on an app I downloaded several weeks before. I was adding up all the plus columns, thinking such happy thoughts, quite proud of myself for buying more shares of twitter before it hit 50… When a homeless man knocks on my window. I froze, trust me not because of the cold.

I hear “I’m not going to rob you, I just need a little money for a hot meal and to get to the men’s homeless shelter for tonight”. His lips and face were about three if not four different shades of color ranging from light to dark. He didn’t have gloves or a hat and his coat was certainly nothing I would have considered warm enough for such a winter night. I lowered my window a little and he continued, “I’m not going to buy drugs, I just need a hot meal and to get to the men’s shelter for a bed tonight”. 

I grabbed my purse, pulled out my wallet and handed him $20…By his reaction you would have thought I just gave him the keys to heaven.


…Then it occurred to me, God wasn’t taking care of me on that cold night, he was taking care of the homeless man…

Do I know for sure drugs were not bought that night, no! But I do know everyone comes into our life for a reason and God works in very mysterious ways!



29 Jan

OK please tell me it’s not just me….But who else has someone in their life who (#blesstheirheart) over uses # that you just want to scream…




Maybe this is nothing more than



possibly I am





For those of you who are able to

#manage (#nooveruse) do not feel self-conscious….There is a time and a place (#whenandwhere)! And you are in that #blessed place!

BUT for the rest of you…






-5 With Far Too Many Questions!

28 Jan

At 6:30 AM it was minus 15 but at 10:00 AM it is a sunny minus five degrees (fahrenheit) outside….Schools are closed but businesses are open. 

Are children really safer at home alone instead of being at school while their parent/s are at work in minus five degrees?

Should Doctors, Nurses, Police, Fire Fighters, Grocery Store employees, Companies that provide heat/water/electric etc…slowed down or close allowing parents to stay home with their children to ensure safety for their children?

As always….

…I have far too many questions than answers!


change, verb

27 Jan

Change (Verb)   (Verb) word indicating action or state  

1. become or to make different

2. substitute or replace something

3. pass from one state to another

4. remove clothes and put on others








All of the above action words will either bring true happiness or pure honest misery….

….It’s your decision!

“The Holy Spirit Is In My Pocket”

26 Jan

“Does anyone want the Holy Spirit because it’s in my pocket” I hear from the backseat….


“I have the Holy Spirit in my pocket, does anyone want it?” 

I turn my head back to look at my three grown children in the backseat of our car as we are pulling out of the Church’s parking lot.

and SHE

…pulls out the communion host (wafer) from her front pocket.

Her brother yells…”I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it”…”What are you crazy?” “Why didn’t you just put it in your mouth? I’ve never known anyone to do this…This is sacrilegist!” 

SHE says…

…”Welll it’s flu season and the priest had it in his hands and I didn’t want to get sick.

 Trying so hard not to laugh at everyone and everything in the backseat while at the exact same time trying really hard not to offend God on Christmas Eve…I reach back extending my hand to accept the backseat communion offering and place it respectfully in my mouth. 

….AND after days of smiling and a lot of laughter well into January, it occurred to me, SHE did have the Holy Spirit in her pocket! 

Thanksgiving for all answered prayers!


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