Monday’s Colorfull Idea!

29 Jul

Hi there…Sorry for the late posting! Just arrived home from the most wonderful 24 hours at a wedding at Lake Canandaigue (Naples, NY)

So without further delay…

My silent investor and I love watching the Tour de France together.  And once again I found myself wondering (forgetting) what the different colored shirts represented that are awarded to individual cyclist. I knew the yellow jersey was for best overall winner but that adorable white with red polka dots got me scratching my head. So of course I consulted with my best friend “google” who set me straight as you will read below. But that is not what this post is about….

“Understanding those colored jerseys”

“The yellow jersey represents the race leader.
The green jersey represents the race’s best sprinter.
The polka dot jersey designates the race’s finest climber.
The white jersey designates the highest-ranked rider in the overall competition age 25 or younger.
In most instances, cyclists wearing specialty jerseys like to wear them as long as they can during the race. But the colored jerseys of the Tour change often, and the anticipation of those costume changes each day helps make the Tour a race of many races.”

OK the above is the official colored jersey…Now for the unofficial (MY) colored jerseys explanation and (MY) idea!

…Let me explain…

In history a color or a marking on a jersey told a person’s negative story…Remember the “Scarlet A” for women who cheated on their husbands? Or the black and white prison stripes for inmates or now the orange jumpsuits?…etc…

Well, I thought what if in life we rewarded people with a colorful jersey for doing something positive; to be worn for a day or maybe a week? It would symbolize (show the world) something very positive and strong in ones life, encouraging  a competitive atmosphere for positive behavior.

What if we gave out a colorful jersey to the spouse that was cheated on, dropped kicked to the curb but yet remained hopeful, positive and moved on to a life without involving their Ex?… What if we gave out a jersey for standing up to people who bullied other people?…What about a jersey to the politician who didn’t lie, or cheat? Or for the police who brought communities together. I know the positive action list could go on and on!

I mean why not? We give out gold stars to children for good behavior in school and at home….I think there should be something colorful and proud for adults to wear that screams I had some vacation time in Hell and please know I have learned I will never use that travel agent again!

Those who wore these colorful jerseys would represent the leaders in the human race! Maybe the shirtless (narcissistic) would get motivated to behavior nicer!

I think it could be contagious and create a kinder more gracious world….

…Well, it was just an idea!

Stay safe!

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