Today! Always Today!

10 Jan
Dear Readers,
“I shall shape my future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me. Or I can be lost in the maze. My choice. My responsibility. Win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny.” – Anon
-from the blog 
Today the sun is shinning here in Oklahoma City and where I reside in this moment in time. I am appreciative of the sunshine, I am appreciative of today’s possibilities and I am appreciative of my health! For all of this brings me tremendous amount of happiness.
As I was writing this post a dear friend called with a situation (an unknown), with lots of creative thoughts and laughter, we came up with a solution/resolution to her situation. Life just doesn’t get any better then this and I owe it all to my chosen playlist in my head! The music is sweet!
From Carol’s Corner
“Real optimism is aware of problems, but recognizes the solutions. Knows about difficulties but believes they can be overcome. Sees the negatives but accentuates the positives, is exposed to the worst but expects the best, has reason to complain but chooses to smile.” 
~ William A Ward
My thoughts drift to tomorrow but I calmly delete that song and stay present with happiness playing even louder! Simplistic yes but less is more… a hard concept to wrap your hands around in a world where drama, complex and stupidity seems to win out.
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today very present!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

2 Responses to “Today! Always Today!”

  1. Liz T. January 10, 2013 at 6:28 pm #

    Thank you for a beautiful and inspirational way to start the day, Lotta!

    xo Liz T.

    • asklotta January 10, 2013 at 11:48 pm #

      You are the best! 🙂

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