Oklahoma City – “Getting Up On It”

8 Jan
Dear Readers,
Today the sun is shinning, a little dusting of snow on the ground and Oklahoma City is looking magnificent!
I hopped on over to the Art Museum, my first time and was certainly not disappointed. Three floors of great art ranging from the 1800’s to present. There were so many wonderful pieces of art in all forms of mediums, materials and sizes but my favorite exhibit was from the artist Jason Peters (American, b. 1977) Born in Mobile, Alabama in 1977  “grew up in Munich, Germany and later returned to the United States to attend the Maryland Institute, College of Art, in Baltimore…currently based in Brooklyn, New York.”
His work called “Untitled” A series of fifteen framed pieces of art that lined two opposite walls that faced each other. The artist used black-on-black paper to draw the viewer into the work. “From a distance, the works appear abstract and ominous, yet at a closer distance, the works reveal a carefully calibrated notion of the sublime.” As I was staring at the pictures and then of course the well needed of several steps closer to see the well-hidden designs, A man came out of nowhere (surprised me) whispered from behind 
         “This is my favorite because you have to “get up on it” to see the picture… Well-said sir, well said….
I feel art is a reflection of life, our society and our world. It encompasses every thought and emotion. For every action there is a reaction and is represented in art. Art is personal, why one person enjoys something is neither right or wrong, it is just personal. I feel Jason Peters’ black on black framed works of art spoke to me (personally) of how some people in our world are quick to judge on pure appearances, never spending the needed time to discover the true person (art), piecing our lives together in a constant state of materialist visual distraction. Mr. Peters’ art pointed out the limitations of those who have a one-dimensional(limited) perspective lacking any sort of interest beyond appearances. 
If I had walked into that room, a room that was filled with life changing opportunities but didn’t bother to walk up (get up on it) and/or lacked the interest to discover, I would have formed an uneducated opinion, the wrong thoughts and beliefs.  I would have been quick to judge, immediately basing my thoughts on pure appearances, never getting up closer, allowing the needed time for the pieces to reveal themselves to me. I would have missed out on a great moment in time, to be inspired by a great artist of our times… as well as by a stranger.  I would have missed out on hearing the texture of the stranger’s voice, hearing his chosen words, the pure element of surprise, to have shared a moment in the modern art gallery! To reaffirm and to live the life of my parents beliefs, “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” or in this case art!
AND I would not have be the wiser, ignorance is not bliss my friends; it just makes us stupid.
View as you walk into the 3rd floor room.
A couple of views “getting up on it.”
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today learning the pleasures of getting up on it.
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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