“Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go”!

25 Sep
Dear Readers,
Whoops… I meant to say; over the river and through the woods to Etude Winery we go! 
Day Two:
The men started the day with a steep uphill climb (ascent +1,404 ft., 6.7% grade) while us women took to the sag wagon for “a bump” and joined our best guy at the top. My silent investor came in first with his tongue hanging out of his mouth (truly silent, picture to prove it) with Mr. Hilarious (please refer to yesterday’s posts) coming in second. A couple of our men folk needed to put their bikes in 28th gear (walking the bike up)…just to give you a feel for the steep incline they tackled. In fact this is the kind of ride that if one were not sufficiently leaning forward, bike’s front tire would lift off the ground.
For the men that are reading this, you might think it would not have been such a bad idea to pull on a bike skirt and get in the sag wagon with the other women; omitting the first 4.9 miles to the base of the mountain only to be faced with your come to Jesus moment, a very painful challenging 1.01 miles straight up to heaven. But with that said, let me clear up those thoughts right now…the ride down the mountain was terrorizing with blind curves, patches of loose gravel, fog and steep descents (-1,385 ft.)! The men of course had to bike down as well but heck compared to what they just went through, I think some of them might have appreciated flying off their bikes and staying terra firma!
Come to find out I would much rather bike up hill than go hurdling down a mountain at break neck speed. Another come to find out why bikers wear neon colors! God bless the geniuses that figured that one out along with padded shorts!!!
We all arrived safely at the Etude Winery: 26 miles later, warm air, sunny skies, an informative wine tasting and a beautiful scenic picnic lunch (thank you Courtney, Mason and Mark). After lunch the biking continued for another 20 miles to the Sonoma Mission Inn!
What I found so interesting and unique about this Inn, they had a salt-water pool with calming soothing music playing underwater. The entire pool was your headphones so to speak. There was a technique to getting in the correct position enabling ears to be submerged underwater for a true listening delight.
Step number one: place a colorful noodle under your neck. 
Step number two: another one behind your knees allowing you to float on your back, while still breathing air.
Step number three: ears slowly go underwater.
As one walks to this pool the view is hilarious. About ten human motionless bodies floating on their backs, completely soundless, slow rhythmic breathing, giving a rather eerie feel. Totally worth the 33 miles I rode! 
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today thrilled to be off my bike and floating in some sci-fi zombie film!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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