Santa Claus Rescued Me!

15 Aug

Dear Readers,


I was rescued today by Santa Claus and by kind Amanda! 


To understand the ending, you will need to understand the beginning…


…I started my day in the usual way, nothing went wrong. My favorite dog Elwood woke up brave and strong ready for a full day of chasing squirrels and rabbits. His sidekick Augie continued where he had left off from the day before, as dumb as a bag of doorknobs. My coffee was delicious giving me the well-needed kick I so crave in the morning but for no reason my brain was cluttered filled with nonsense, unneeded thoughts and information. Talked with all my usual morning yackers and chatters but like a cluttered room filled with visual distraction I was experiencing mental distraction.  Needed activities and responsibilities were getting accomplished but still the mental clutter was distracting.


Drove off for my morning Pilates class then THUMP! I drove over a rock flatting my front right tire (rock – not small, not big), believe it or not I did try to avoid it but THUMP, nailed it. I think if I had tried to run it over, would have failed.


But with that said…


…I was going 25 miles an hour through a darling suburban neighborhood, pulled to the curb, reached for my purse to grab my cell phone…NO cell phone. Forgot to grab it off the kitchen counter as I exited (brain clutter). Got out of my car and the next person to drive by stopped. It was a girl on her way to work (mid-twenties), told her I needed to use her cell phone, left mine at home.


Today was the day the world showed me how great and joyous it is.


Amanda was amazing, so kind and oh so helpful. Called AAA for me, jogged down the street to get the names of the cross streets and offered to drive me home to get my cell. I thanked her but did not want to take up any more of her morning and returned to my car to wait.


As I began to read the newspaper the brain clutter began to straighten out in a more orderly fashion. Thrilled to have met Amanda and started to feel much more relaxed.


Then the skies opened up and poured down on me while I waited in my car.


Not long AAA arrived and unexplainable the rain just stopped and jolly James got out of his truck.  I call him jolly James because he was more then happy; he was jolly like Santa Claus. He was as round as he was tall making me smile and giggle with his humor, kindness and jolly self.  Maybe HE was Santa Claus, maybe this is what Santa Claus does in August, rescues people like me from cluttered brains, flat tires etc., and goes by the name of James.


AND after Santa left (whoops I mean James), spare tire on, flat tire in my trunk, I felt different, euphoric a wave of peace and happiness had washed over me…Feelings of appreciation and joy! Santa did rescue me! My brain had de-cluttered and the rain had stopped, the sun was shining and the pot of gold delivered. Physically needing to stop (flat tire) opened up the most wonderful opportunity to organize, clean up and put away (de-cluttering my brain) leaving more room for happiness, appreciation and laughter!


As I turned on the key to start my car the 1965 song “Rescue Me,” blared out from the speakers by the Fontella Bass (no fabrication, the honest truth!) another meaningful coincidence into enlighten.


One can become quite syndical about this world of ours but today Santa rescued me, he arrived in August in an AAA truck proving there is so much sweetness in the world…  proving at least to me, for today, on Somers Road at 8:10 in the morning “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!”


Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today with a clutter free brain, truly grateful for that not small, not big rock in the road and still giggling from my encounter with Santa Claus! The Santa Claus who rescued me in August!


Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!


Kindest regards,




President and CEO






2 Responses to “Santa Claus Rescued Me!”

  1. Liz T. August 15, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Hi Lotta —

    What a morning! Interesting that your rescuer was named James…

    James 1:2-3
    “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.”

    XOXO Have a wonderful day!

    • asklotta August 15, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

      OMG Another meaningful coincidence! Thank you! xo

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