“The What If” Game

23 Jul
Dear Readers,
As I was being very lazy the other day with catalogs spewed all around me while reading a book I had just received from Amazon.com, I allowed my mind to wonder for a few minutes that of course led to a much lengthier wondering time for me.  I didn’t care; there is something most delicious about being lazy in the summer. Maybe it is a throw back from summers off from school and lying on the beach with my sister reading together on our blanket trying to knock off some of the books that our parents required us to read during our summers in Chicago. It was the time after lunch (of course) because of the rule: no going in the water an hour after you have eaten so you don’t get a cramp and drown! I think adults back then were far better at scaring the SH$T out of children then we are today.
But anyway…
As my eye lids became heavier and heavier and the warmth of the sun gave me the perfect excuse to just lower my lids for a moment in to pure relaxation and then it started… “The What If” game. I am sure you have played this game before…What if I never had the parents I did? What if I didn’t have the sister I do? What if I never went to my 25th college reunion, where I meant my husband? What if I didn’t have the exact same children I have?  What if I didn’t have the friends I have? Or even What if I didn’t have the problems I have? And so on and so on and so forth! A friend of mine calls this the “mental masturbation.” game, has no purpose, it just brings pleasure.
Then I thought, is there a starting point? Is there a beginning to “The What If” game?
MY Mother and Father taught me to love, be appreciative and be resilient through their actions and words. 
MY sister has given me 50+ years of unconditional love and never ending support and humor. 
…And from there I realized with all the clarity one can have in a sleepy poolside fog…. “The What If” game has no beginning and has no end.  
“People are people because of other people!” And I just happened to have been dealt the luckiest cards (a royal flush in life) a girl could ever wish for in one life time! 
So with that said, I am full of love and appreciation that the moon and stars aliened, the universe spoke loud and clear and the heavens bestowed down on me…the most unbelievable luck! So for me to have the children I do, the husband I do and the friends I do, even those brief encounter moments ( Jenny – My Posting on June 14 ) not excluding those souls I would have preferred not in my life, it all has been the most unbelievable amazing luck and I would not be in this exact moment in time if just one person/event did not happen exactly as it did, at the exact moment that it did!
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today in awe of all the unexplainable invisible beauty that fills our world! And if you don’t believe me, just close your eyes and start playing the “what if” game. It will turn a believer out of even the worse skeptics.
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

2 Responses to ““The What If” Game”

  1. t July 25, 2012 at 4:10 am #

    Now, how in the hell am I the first one to “like” this???

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