Morning Coffee

11 Jul


Dear Reader,
I was in the middle of a pedicure trance when sounds from my cell phone go off (ring, ring, ring) I didn’t move to be honest I couldn’t, too relaxed. I finish up and before starting up my car I checked my missed calls and it was from a friend.  Toe nails painted pink, service paid and gratuity given now in my car.  With a quick and easy one-touch process I returned her call.  She said, “Can you meet for coffee tomorrow, my sister-in-law is in town for only a couple of days and she hasn’t met you yet. I would LOVE to I quickly responded. I don’t think there are anything more delicious then meeting friends for morning coffee!
I walked in to the coffee shop and they were already at the counter.  As I walked closer to the front of the café’ I saw my dear friend standing with her sister-in-law, a smile came to my face, for I knew I would so enjoy this morning’s coffee! 
Both women turned with ease to greet me and with the warmth and simplistically of the summer morning. They glowed with timeless beauty like Caddice Bergen and Grace Kelly. They both had long straight blonde hair that was swept back in loose ponytails, soft pale summer clothes that hung comfortably.  To me it was very obvious to the on looker that these two women were very comfortable in their own skin and have been for quite some time. We ordered and carried our coffee to a nice table situated in the middle of the cafe’.
What immediately impressed me about both women was their energy and thoughtful approach to life. I always knew that about my friend but seeing it as well in her sister-in-law made me smile.  My friend and her sister-in-law are two women that are very intelligent, thoughtful, fun, and bar no excuse “doers.” They get the job done!  They do not waste time complaining or blaming others; they take ownership of their life and their families with love, devotion and the most wonderful sense of humor.
Her name is Nancy, very intelligent woman with an engaging personality seasoned with the most wonderful sense of humor. She has a lovely commonsense about her which was definitely part of her charm. Come to find out Nancy has written a book (publish date pending) and is about to start up a blog (I will definitely keep you posted.)  She splits her time between two homes and engaged in many activities. She is the kind of woman that thoughtfully juggles life’s commitments while always prioritizing her husband first. The success to a happy marriage!
An hour and a scone later we all departed to begin our day after discussing many different topics and ideas.  My take away, Nancy is one of those positive people that others walk away always feeling so much better about life.  Personally I walked away from our morning coffee taller, stronger and more confident.  Nancy’s motto “Life is too short to spend your time trying to find reasons to harm someone or put a dent in one’s pot of happiness.” Or to give up time to those said people. Now that should be needlepointed on a pillow and placed in everyone’s home!
With the reaffirmation that the road I’m traveling is the correct path, confirming actions and thoughts … I was certainly happier and reenergized! Definitely a delicious blend of thought, laughter and a renewed sense of creative energy mixed together, “People are people because of other people.”  …Another meaningful consequence! (Enlightenment)
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today with a reminder, if you want to be happy with a renewed sense of creative energy…surround yourself with such said people. Be mindful with thoughtful action to avoid toxic people in your life who only want to drain you like dirty water from a bathtub! Or simply said; just wanting to “dent your happiness pot!”
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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