Summer Rituals!

6 Jul
Dear Readers,
In my sleepy haze I was listening to a woman talking on her cell phone in Korean while other English conversations were buzzing and humming in a swirl of energy and me caring about none of them.  My book collapsed against my chest and as I slowly open my eyes becoming all too aware of where I was. For I was in a room filled with people or more actually stated a room filled with women with my feet soaking in warm water.  This cluster of women of all different ages, ethnics, and sizes come together for the summer ritual…manicures and pedicures! Or as the young girls refer to this process as a mani/pedi….Ahhhh the blissful hot lazy days of summer of bare feet, bare legs, bare shoulders…for we must prepare!
Women in straight rows of elevated vibrating message chairs, purses dangling from retractable arms of their chairs as a foot soaks in warm water, while the other foot and calf is being messaged. Talking incisively with friends or strangers who want to gossip or should I say for those who want to share their thoughts, opinions and/or give advice. And then there are those who want to shut their eyes and slip away for a few minutes in to a relax state of calm and dreams!   Unlike other places where one would never join in on a conversation of people you have never met before but here those social rules get washed away. In the mani/pedi world women will join in on any conversation they want, as did the woman next to me. There is some sort of unity or bonding thing that happens to women when their shoes are off, same occurrence happens in shoe stores while trying on shoes! Don’t know why nor can I explain it, it just happens!
The grand finale of this summer ritual (pedicure) is the painting of the toes with the “new” color of the summer season. There must be some nail polish God who bestows five new colors every summer or I should say five new shades of all ready existing colors that are turned in to “must haves.” 
And please know all this is going on while other women sit in another row of chairs having their hands messaged, nails filed, glued, painted and sprayed. … Ahhhh the blissful hot lazy days of summer bare feet, bare legs, bare shoulders…for we must prepare!
As I open my eyes long enough to scan my surroundings I see a friend finishing up with her manicure.  We start chatting; I from my pedicure chair to across the aisle to her manicure chair. I had not seen her in a while so it was nice to catch up for a little bit. I always love to hear of children’s summer activities some very indulgent and others with a purpose and a goal. AND I finally decide on a color for my toes, pink… again it will be pink… for it always makes me happy to look down and see pink with my olive Italian browning summer skin. 
Asklotta and staff is MINDING YOUR BUSINESS with pink toes and visions of pink happiness dancing in my head!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

2 Responses to “Summer Rituals!”

  1. Linda Alexander July 9, 2012 at 10:56 am #

    I want to recommend that you consider this summer nail link:
    Hah! Problem solved….

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