Tis the (Graduation) Season – Last But Certainly Not Inconsequential

21 Jun
Dear Readers,
Below is just an excerpt from the brilliant graduation speech titled “you are not special.”  To read the entire article please go to the link below.
“…We have of late, we Americans, to our detriment, come to love accolades more than genuine achievement.  We have come to see them as the point — and we’re happy to compromise standards, or ignore reality, if we suspect that’s the quickest way, or only way, to have something to put on the mantelpiece, something to pose with, crow about, something with which to leverage ourselves into a better spot on the social totem pole.  No longer is it how you play the game, no longer is it even whether you win or lose, or learn or grow, or enjoy yourself doing it…  Now it’s “So what does this get me?”  As a consequence, we cheapen worthy endeavors, and building a Guatemalan medical clinic becomes more about the application to Bowdoin than the well-being of Guatemalans.  It’s an epidemic — and in its way, not even dear old Wellesley High is immune… one of the best of the 37,000 nationwide, Wellesley High School… where good is no longer good enough, where a B is the new C, and the midlevel curriculum is called Advanced College Placement.  And I hope you caught me when I said “one of the best.”  I said “one of the best” so we can feel better about ourselves, so we can bask in a little easy distinction, however vague and unverifiable, and count ourselves among the elite, whoever they might be, and enjoy a perceived leg up on the perceived competition.  But the phrase defies logic.  By definition there can be only one best.  You’re it or you’re not.”
Please continue to read for this article I came across in the Huffington Post was not only worthy of a post, at least on my blog but the final example of how graduations have turned in to a season instead of just an event in one’s life! Just one more perfect example of the graduation stupidity – Norman High School class picture in the yearbook “allegedly shows teens genitals.” In this moment I am truly grateful I am not that girl’s mother. The student apparently is “lifting her graduation gown exposing her genitals.”
I guess this girl thought there was something special about her “girl parts” or at least something special about exposing them in her yearbook. I wonder if she will still think so in 30 years? Hmm doubtful!
All of this nonsense is why I call this time of year… a season! It seems as if all the grandeur of the season has more to do with  “attention whore” personalities and the truly great (something special) seem to go unnoticed. The truly successful remain humbled with feelings of; more to learn, more hard work to be done and more contributions to be made (this is not a time to relax!) 
So to the truly great (not the over inflated “midlevel”) I stand in your honor, clapping for what you have done and look forward with great anticipation of what you will do!
Asklotta and staff will share our thoughts while MINDING YOUR BUSINESS as the graduation season comes to a grand finale.  
Hip hip hooray!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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