14 Jun
Dear Readers,
I boarded the Acela Express Train in Boston on Friday at 9:05 for a 9:15 departure. I wasted no time finding my seat, which happened to be next to a woman, that was talking softly in to her cell phone. I placed my suitcase in the compartment above my head and on the floor I stored my canvas bag. I got myself settled pulled out my book and then I heard the woman next to me say softly in to her cell phone “I love you.” and she hung up.
…Three and half hours later the train pulls in to Penn Station and we hadn’t stop talking the whole time! Her name is Jenny; she is a kind warm-hearted social worker with soft red hair and a joyful spirit. Jenny works in the Endocrinology department at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Her job is to help children deal with their long term health issues and about 80% of her work is with children dealing with Type 1 and yes Type 2 diabetes. Her caring and nonjudgmental view of her patients and their families would melt your heart. Jenny said with every child she sees attached is at least one adult, if not many (mothers, fathers, step-parents, significant others, grandparents etc.) that are all directly effected by the disease with worry, stress, frustration and despair due to their child’s long term medical issues. Jenny said additional time is always needed when dealing with a child because the majority of the time is spent working with the adults. The better and more equipped the adults are, the better and more equipped the child will be (mentally and physically) in effectively dealing with their long-term health issues.  
What I learned about Type 1 diabetes in a child is not very encouraging. No one knows why a little group of very tiny cells just stop functioning in the pancreas. What they also do not know or understand, why childhood Type 1 diabetes (autoimmune disease) is growing in the U.S. population. Type 2 diabetes is directly linked to lack of a proper diet and exercise. Type 2 diabetes can be better managed but not (as easy) as one would think due to many different (poverty) factors.
I talked with Jenny about many different subjects firing off question after question (I’m not a shy girl.) Her answers were always soothing, respectful and inspirational. 
We talked about the health care system, how children are one of the most vulnerable victims of our system. When changes occur (new rules/regulations) she said, “of course it is never seamless” and hence the huge and difficult impact on ill children and their families. How the politics of the system lends itself more to administrative work and less time with patients
The poor has many reasons for increased health issues. Jenny said when you talk to a mother and hear the lack of accessibility to healthy foods (distance and cost). When the mother says, it is safer for her children to be inside watching television then outside playing, when after a long day of work with little money, she can feed your family on ten dollars at McDonalds then cooking at home with fresh fruits and vegetables you start to understand how complicated life can be and the obstacles for some just keep mounting up! 
I got off in New York and Jenny continued on to Philadelphia to attend the medical convention on diabetes. I wished her luck and safe travels and what a pleasure it was to meet her. The woman across from us said “what, you two just met…you didn’t stop talking the whole time.” I said, “I know”, I keep setting off for one adventure and discover so many unexpected wonderful adventures along the way. 
Departing the train I knew Jenny would be very successful in her future and she will always change the lives (for the better) of children dealing with so many of the world’s problems on their shoulders!  …For she has changed my life for the better. I truly believe people come in to your life for a reason and I am truly filled with gratitude that Jenny came in to my life, even if it was just for only three and half hours! 
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS today with two reminders, for many, they did not ask for their problems (unlike some people) and just when you least expect it…”a Jenny”  comes in to your life when you need it the most! 
Again, it has been my pleasure telling you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

4 Responses to ““Jenny””

  1. t June 15, 2012 at 3:43 am #

    One of your best posts yet – bravo!

    • asklotta June 15, 2012 at 11:00 am #

      Thank you so much!…Coming from you, it is such a compliment! What I didn’t mention in my post… I had guessed Jenny’s age 1o years younger then she was…It is truly all the love and kindness in her heart that makes her look so young.

  2. tenacious04 June 16, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    You’ll be pleased to know I woke up this gloriously cool, dry, sunny, peaceful Saturday morning wanting to read in bed before starting my day. And where did I start? Asklotta!! You never disappoint dear friend!! I’m convinced you’ll be a published author should you choose that path …

    • asklotta June 16, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

      You made my heart sing! Thank you my friend!
      Charlotte moved in to a new apartment on Comm Ave in between Arlington and Berkley. A little studio, her first solo living! I went to help out, so she didn’t have to use up her few a precious vacation days. xo

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