The Subway Ride to the Beautiful Suburbs!

13 Jun
Dear Readers,
As I was taking the T (Boston’s subway) from Boston out to one of the near- by beautiful suburbs (Chestnut Hill) to visit my Aunt I over heard a conversation between two men. One was dressed in a bright orange vest and blue jeans, the proper attire for someone who worked on roads and the other gentleman dressed…well…in a very nondescript apparel. 
The man in the orange vest started talking…
“No one would ever wish for his or her kid to grow up and work in a factory or drive a bus,” he said…
“You’re right.” nondescript man responded
“But today they would at least have a job. Now days kids graduate from high school and you ask them what are you going to do and they say go to college. Then you ask what are you going to do there? And they say, “I don’t know.” But they graduate $100,000 in debt and don’t have a job. They would be better off taking the $100,000 from their parents and go live in a third world country for the rest of their lives.”
“You’re right.” nondescript man responded
Nondescript man gets off the T and bright orange vested man looks around, see my suitcase between my legs and walks over to me. 
“Has it been a long day of travel for you?”
“No, not really” I responded and looked in another direction
“I understand” Orange vested man said and he returns to his seat with his two huge green plastic lawn leaf bags filled with plastic bottles. 
The T pulls in to the Chestnut Hill train station with lush green trees, pink and purple flowers boarding edges of pavement, expensive cars parked in the lot along with beautiful potted plants, all very well maintained making the “park and ride” station look just lovely in June. As luck had it, orange vested man jumped off the train with an athletic quickness traveling through the parking lot in a blink and out in to the street. 
My Aunt was waiting for me in her car as the T rolled in and I got off after the orange vested man.  When I told her about the conversation I had over heard plus she had an opportunity to get a visual of the orange vested man as he got off the train and traveled right past her in the parking lot.  He is homeless, she said.  My Aunt explained there is a local grocery store that pays the homeless money to bring in plastic bottles. The homeless collects plastic bottles throughout Boston and brings them here to her local grocery store.
What it appears and what concerns me greatly, there seems to be a new wave of homeless people. They are clean, educated, and polite (respectful of social space) which leads me to believe they were once just like you and me.
Asklotta and staff wants to remind you as we MIND YOUR BUSINESS something my Mother always said, “there for the grace of God go I.”
I stay appreciative and truly grateful in every step I take and always alert to the journeys others sadly need to take in life. 
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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