12 Jun

Dear Readers,

Traveling brings so many wonderful people and stories in to one’s life, as Eva (Where’smyT-backandotherstories) have said over and over. To quote her “a tourist needs a guide, a traveler only needs time.” Solo traveling always provides a different and unique experience. A true opportunity to engage with other people whether for fun or out of need for directions, picture taking etc. Now please do not get the impression that my travel is anywhere nears the exotic/paradise or the brave and daring places Eva has journeyed!

But even in my little (safe) travels (solo) to Boston just to visit one of my daughters and my aunt (mother’s sister) my trip began with an interesting interaction with an elderly man from Michigan.

Before I boarded the plane in Cleveland I engaged an elderly man in conversation just because he had a smile on his face and because the loading/boarding process always puts a smile on my face. The boarding process went as follows, first class, uniformed military, zone 2, zone 3, zone 4, zone 5, etc.… well I (as others) was zone 7 and by the time they called out zone 5 I heard over the loud speaker…if you’re not on board please do so! It made my laugh out loud. The elderly man who was about a couple of feet away from me laughed as well. I said with a smile and in a joking tone, we actually paid money to be treated this way? For someone to publicly and loudly point out how low on the totem pole we are in the airline world. He immediately picked up on the fun/joke of it all and engaged in conversation.

“Are you going home?” he asked

“No, going to visit my daughter.” I replied

“Where are you from?” he asked

“Right here in Cleveland.” I replied

“Are you going home?” I asked

“No, I’m from Michigan.” he said

“Going to Boston for business or pleasure?” I asked

He hesitated…I said both?

“Yes” he said

He went on to explain, for the past six years he and his twin brother (walking just a little bit in front of us) has been part of a research group. There is a study going on to compare the aging process in those who fought in Vietnam compared to those who did not? Within the past six years they have been flown to Atlanta and twice to Boston (this trip makes the second time).

First study in Boston was a group of stress tests. How their bodies handled different stress points. Second test (in Atlanta) on their hearts, a mild heart attack was induced. This visit to Boston will be on memory. I found the study to be fascinating as well as these two elderly men who have made a committed to the study and have given their full efforts to complete the study. I know I would have jumped ship as soon as I heard the doctors say induce a heart attack.

The gentleman that I spoke to was the shorter twin. He was friendly, talkative and engaging. His taller brother was friendly with a nice smile but didn’t have the same engaging personality as his twin brother.

My trip (adventure) officially began in the Cleveland Airport!

Asklotta and staff as always will MIND YOUR BUSINESS while sharing my simple and no big deal travels with you!

Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do.

Kindest regards,


President and CEO


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