True Confessions!

7 Jun

Dear Readers,

I got this idea from the blog “Jill Of All Trade”

She just came right out and confessed…she loves watching game shows on television and in fact had tried out for one or two of them. I felt if she could come clean, so could I

I LOVE to watch reruns of I Love Lucy and Frazier. Both shows have me laughing OUT LOUD.

When alone in my house, I turn up the music so loud that I can hear it from any room, singing and dancing without a care in the world.

Phew… what a load off my shoulders but you know how I love MINDING YOUR BUSINESS, and the need to dig around into other people’s bins filled with deep dark secrets was far too delicious just to ignore….

…So with that said,

My sister and her family:

Loves to watch “The Big Bang Theory.”

ALSO my sister loves to read (anything) including awful books!

My Childhood friends: My best friends growing up…

I still walk my bike over bridges, which I remember doing as a fourth grader, I always think my bike wheel is going to go under the railing so I won’t ride it over a bridge.

I hate my food touching each other on the plate, for example if some of my salad touches pasta sauce I won’t eat it.

I like to eat pizza for breakfast, cold pizza.

I read cookbooks in bed.

Okay. Here are mine… Not made up… I sometimes go to bed without brushing my teeth….I starve myself for a week or two before my annual physical and have been known to cancel an appt if I’m too fat…. I like to eat in bed….
PS – one more… I am completely addicted to True Blood

OK here we go:

1. At least once a year I read a trashy romance novel (and like it)
2. If my bed is unmade by the time I go to bed at night, I have to make it before getting in it
3. I absolutely hate “Brangelina” and all things Kardashian, but often go to the link provided on aol to check up on them


I get tired of being responsible.

I would rather send an e-mail than pick up the phone.

My favorite escape is to lose myself in a book (if I can’t have a girls getaway)

I would rather have humor than just about anything else!

Love you all (and that is a true confession!)

What you all don’t know (the behind the scenes) I sent an email to my sister and to my old and dear childhood friends with the subject line….”I need your help for my blog” and they all stepped up to the plate to help me and please know it wasn’t easy for them! In fact I think one of them said “You owe us!”

Yes that was exactly what she said!…

But at the end of the day it is all about LOVE, everything else is just noise and distractions, love always wins out. And by the way in case it’s not obvious, every single one of my friend’s/sister’s confessions is why I love them…I am so appreciative and humbled by their friendship!

“True confessions” I guess had really nothing to do about exposing embarrassing secrets and everything to do about exposing love and friendship! …but isn’t that what life is all about?… LOVE and laughter!

Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do ad what NOT to do!

Kindest regards,


President and CEO



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