5 Jun

Dear Readers,
Please read Can Big Girls Be Super Models. Hands down has to be one of the most inspirational posting on a blog I’ve read in a while! It is difficult for me to believe anyone so creative and smart with the powers to make others (me) feel so much better about life (possiblities within)…could ever have been in self-doubt. He is proof, it is NEVER too late to throw your shoulders back, take responsibility, stop blaming others for your bad decisions, make the needed changes in your life and start living the life that brings the kind of happiness that is married to self-worth.
So in the spirit of our season (graduation) I share with you a true positive graduation achievement…kicking a nicotine habit, an academic record worthy of a refrigerator posting for all to admire and a mother’s never failing belief in her son! T I stand clapping in your honor today!
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS with a hope that you too will (stop with the excuses) to make the positive and needed changes in your life!

as long as i'm singing


Why not? It’s important to remember that beauty comes not only from within, but from without as well.

And fearful little men – the kind that never raise a fist – may also be willing to throw a punch from time to time, should the cause be just.

Gay kids may very well have a crush on someone of the opposite sex, and straight kids may experience the same with a member of their own.

Packs-a-day smokers may eventually see the light, and quit before Big Daddy Cancer wraps his fist tightly around their lungs. And teetotalers – the kind that are much better at preaching than they are at practicing – might stop wagging their fingers just long enough, to instead hold out a hand to help.

The lion and the lamb may never lay side by side on this mortal coil, but that shouldn’t stop the Christian and the…

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