Unbalanced – Blurring Lines

29 May
dear ask lotta,
now that everyone has an company- issued blackberry, it seems like work is a 24hr commitment, no matter if you’re the CEO, the guy in the mailroom, or anybody in between. on one hand, yes, work is your livelihood, but does that make it your #1 priority at all hours of the day? am i not allowed to give undivided attn to my friends and family for more than 45 minutes without being lectured by a boss? how do i manage co-workers and bosses who demand my attention 24/7 without seeming like im not a team player?
Dear Unbalanced,
Great question, huge problem in today’s society! But you have come to the right place. Asklotta and staff would love to MIND YOUR BUSINESS since you did ask and I always have advice, an opinion and a solution (imagine that!)  
We will no doubt solve your company blackberry intrusion problem. Let me rephrase that…we find it an opportunity for you to be creative outside the work environment. Balance, balance, balance!
Different companies have different business cultures and it sounds as if your company’s culture and business is based on employee availability. Even with that said, many people lack boundaries and will take advantage of anyone and any situation to their advantage. If you added up all the “off” hours in the day and evening you are working over a blackberry you would probably be amazed how one’s personal life is no longer separate from work and vise versa. Balance, balance, balance!
You have to understand many people love the fact they are consistently connected. For them it isn’t a problem…it gives them a sense of control, purpose, gratification and importance.  It also helps them avoid what needs to get accomplished in their personal life. Don’t we all love that “oh so important” call/text/email that just needs to be attended to during an occasion that we are not emotionally invested in?   Balance, balance, balance!
But you are correct, the boundaries of work have blurred and I’m not quite sure what the correct mix should be for every situation and every person. As the saying goes “what’s the difference between Porn and Art, I can’t define it but I sure know it when I see it.” No longer does a busy life on a blackberry portray important’s and high-level employment status; everyone has them including five years olds! Balance, balance, balance!
I guess we all can see how so many have mistakenly become too personal (sharing personal information) with co-workers and bosses. One has to be extremely careful that business and personal lines do not become intertwined, blurred in areas that never should…AND then the real problems begin. Balance, balance, balance!
Asklotta and staff will MIND YOUR BUSINESS with a quote and advice from Emily Post, 
1) “Without exception, turn your device off in a house of worship, restaurant, or theater; during a meeting or presentation; or anytime its use is likely to disturb others.”
2) “If you must be alerted to a call, put your device on silent ring or vibrate, and check your caller ID or voice mail later. (Put it in your pocket; a vibrating phone, skittering across a tabletop, is just as disruptive as a ring.) 
3) Whenever you are, if you must make or take a call, move to a private space and speak as quietly as you can.”
This advice certainly does not answer the intrusion on one’s life but it certainly can and will cute down on the intrusion on others (friends & family) and everyone might not be as irritated with the burdening situation. AND at the end of your day you need to remember your blackberry is a device that you need to manage (respectfully.) And with that said…Balance, balance, balance!

… ”When things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting.” Anon
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do.
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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