“He doesn’t get everything….”

8 May
Dear Readers, 
As I was going about with my usual morning routine, so of course, The Today Show was on the television in some room of my house, as I was moving between the computer and my employees, something caught my attention…. The promo of the upcoming interview with Carl Quintanilla, Parents say, “he doesn’t get everything all the time.”(See link below) OMGoodness, parents acting like parents! Having the good sense to teach their child the world does not revolve around him and hence ensuring the child’s future happiness.
Let me back up….
A young family was at the Texas Rangers/NY Yankees game on April 26.  One of the Texas Rangers players tossed a foul ball in to the stands. Everyone tried to grab for it and after a little scrambling the couple next to the three year old got it.  “The couple” at the time was completely unaware of what was going on with the toddler (tears) next to them…and then all the nonsense began! 
The mother (Crystal) says to Carl Quintanilla: 
“He’s three and we’re kind of at that stage where he thinks he gets everything and anything,” his mom explained.
And in baseball, much like in the game of life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
“I never once thought that they should have given him the ball,” said Crystal. “We’re trying to teach him he doesn’t get everything every time.”
“The couple that got the baseball (Shannon Moore and Sean Leonard) were attending their first baseball game…” and were getting married on Saturday. After discovering the sad three year old, they did offer to give the ball to him…. his parents said no! They believed everyone was at the game because they were Rangers fans and it’s a big deal to get a ball, it’s was only right for them to keep it. The parents continued on with how unfair everyone was towards the couple and wished them a very happy marriage!
CBCorp is honoring Crystal (with the Kudos Award) for being a parent when Cameron needed it.  Not because it was the easiest thing for her to do but it was the right thing to do (for Cameron)
Asklotta and staff reminds you as WE MIND YOUR BUSINESS being a parent is not a popularity contest with your children.  At the end of the day the question you should ask yourself…What is more important,  your child/children liking you or themselves? 
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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