Jewels and “The Non-Joie of Parenting”

2 May
Dear Readers,
Jewels, a very dear friend of mine sent me the link below “The Non-Joie of Parenting”; the author (Jennifer Conlin) who writes for the NY Times is a personal friend of hers.  
My friend Jewels and her husband are parents of 12 year old twins.  Despite pressure from her friends and kids she sticks by her beliefs that she and her husband will have a life outside of their children.  She does not nor will she schedule her children (and hence her), every second of the day and night robbing them completely of an adult life of their own, running from one child’s activity to the next.  She gives herself permission to step back from “over involved” mindfully not creating an atmosphere with her spouse resembling more of a business partnership then husband and wife! 
I accredit her wisdom (sanity) to her parents, they adored her as well as their other four children and were the most wonderful parents (we all LOVED hanging out at their home) but trust me on this one…her parents had a wonderful life that existed outside of their children!  They were high school sweethearts and when you were in their presents you would think they were still in high school the way they looked at each other! It was at Jewel’s home that we all fell in love or more accurately said we all fell in love with the idea of love, with our dreamy husbands adoring us!
I say you go Jewels, Stand Up, Be Counted and Stay Strong! I loved your parents and I think you and your parents got the formula correct for a happy marriage, (love, laughter and prioritizing each other.) Now that is something to celebrate!  
Today as we MIND YOUR BUSINESS I’m going to get some help from my friend Jewels and her friend Jennifer Conlin…A great read, “The Non-Joie of Parenting” please see link below and enjoy! 

To “The Dr. Of Aging Minds”….our guess is Sidney, Australia…if not correct please give us another clue!

Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!  

Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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