27 Apr

Dear Readers,


This is Elwood; He was just promoted to CFO at CBCorp! For the time being he will continue to head up the backyard security force, along with Anthrax (mail destruction) and food poisoning prevention. Elwood has the unique ability to sniff out danger in paper/envelopes, magazines (bills) and other things that fly through our mail slot, as well as in our food. He is not only very handsome and very brave but his heart is made of sugar and gold, sweet and priceless! Now with Elwood’s new title as CFO, I’m sure he will work closely with my silent investor to ensure a reasonable budget for research and development to bring CBCorp success well in to the 21st Century.


Elwood has been known to leap through the air at the speed of light, gobbles up food in the line of duty, fearing no consequences and/or thought to his own well-being! At no extra expense and without a complaint, he eats candy left in bedrooms as well as lacrosse balls and hockey equipment.  He has been known to remove such said items from any/all floors of the corporation, beds, bookshelves, and desks, (anywhere really) there are no off limits to his tireless search!  He runs from one end of the backyard to the other, as well as to the mailbox securing all perimeters!  Terrorist that fly, buzz, hop, jump, crawl and (our postal delivery) run scared.


Elwood’s dedication to his Yoga practice is to be admired. He begins every single morning with a downward facing dog, flows in to the sun salutation as he greets his day full of hope, promise and energy.  Throughout his day Elwood continues his practice and can be seen in further yoga poses (Virasana: “A hero stance”) to maintain his center and balance with mindful actions, which is constantly being tested by CBCorps’ other two employees.


Elwood ends his day with Shavasana (the corpse pose) relaxing his mind achieving serenity with (all of) his day’s accomplishments.  He is most satisfied with his thoughts; he has made the world a little better/safer for all his loving contributions to CBCorp and society as a whole.


Elwood loves to MIND YOUR BUSINESS especially at mealtime!


We send a shout out to my son for seeing Elwood’s full potential that no one else did…Elwood is the structural foundation for all of our today’s success as well as our promising future!  If it wasn’t for Elwood, CBCorp would be just another non-profit with “un-chewed” mail and hockey equipment (Less loving, less humble, lacking in meaningful direction and most definitely void of humor!) 



Happy Friday and stay safe!


Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!



Kindest regards,





President and CEO





2 Responses to ““CFO””

  1. Fay Moore April 30, 2012 at 1:23 am #

    Elwood’s a cutie. Love his name, too. Sorry to bother you on this end of the weekend. I have a silly request. Please read today’s post on my blog about The Bradley Chronicles. I’d appreciate it if you could read it and then vote for my segment. You’ll see what I mean. Thanks in advance, Fay

    • asklotta April 30, 2012 at 9:37 am #

      Never a bother, I’m happy you reached out, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog!

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