Opinions Needed!

23 Apr

Dear Readers,


Recently it seems the news is getting worse, a lot more violent! Not the usual violence “U.S. and South Koreans” or Violence over territory, religion and/or oil but the kind that really doesn’t make sense.


For example:


George Zimmerman – The man accused of shooting Trayvon Martin. A 17-year male, apparently Trayvon’s only crime was to wear a sweatshirt with a hood


Kevin Allen, 51 yr. old husband and father from Strongsville, OH shot and killed his wife “then hunted down his 10-year-old daughters in a restroom, killing Kerri on her birthday with one blast to her belly and critically injuring Kayla…”


Jake England, 19 and his roommate, Alvin Watss, 33 – went on shooting spree in Oklahoma City


Josh Powell – “Kills 2 young sons ‘in an act of evil…”


T.J. Lane – Accused of bring a gun to school and killing three and wounding others at Chardon High School 




When I started to do a little research to see if I was “spot on” with my thoughts/opinions or if I was just in a slump from last week’s cold dark rainy days and maybe all I needed was a mind eraser along with Eva’s paradise picture’s or even some beautiful shoe thoughts to jump start some bliss! And by the way…Where’s Eva? Does anyone know where she is? (Where’s Waldo). Unfortunately, the disturbing fact, I am correct… there were far too many articles on this horrible subject and the gap of frequencies seems to be closing from one violent act to the next.


I need your opinion…what is going on? How can we explain so many senseless acts of violence? What is causing human-life to be so meaningless and disposable? I have to admit, I just don’t get it.


Some thoughts:


Is it the increasing lack of family structure? 


Is this the by-product of the entitlement world we live in? (I want it, so F$@#k You, I’m going to take it)


Is it the lack of taking responsibility for ones behavior? (A cheating spouse blames the other because they weren’t happy in their marriage)


Is it parents not acting as parents anymore but more like their children’s friends? They blame their children’s failures and bad behavior/decisions on teachers, schools and coaches (on anyone but the responsible party) 


Is this all about, if I’m miserable…you can’t be happy?


Is there far more mental illness in today’s society then 50 years ago?


Are the laws not staying current with our advancing world of stress, technology, lifestyle medications etc.?


The economy?



Until these questions get answered, Asklotta and Staff will still MIND YOUR BUSINESS, and demand… you… to:


Smile and say something kind to another human being TODAY!  it just might do some good!


…AND drink more mind erasers, put on a stunning pair of stilettos’ while looking at Eva’s paradise pictures …I know for a fact, that doesn’t hurt!




Again, it’s been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!



Kindest regards,





President and CEO








2 Responses to “Opinions Needed!”

  1. wheresmytbackandotherstories April 23, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    Ha ha, Lotta you’re such a dear! I deactivated my geo-tagging but I’ve given away my location through coordinates buried somewhere in the comments section in one of the 101 posts. I wish you could come and visit! ..

    • asklotta April 23, 2012 at 12:02 pm #

      haha..I love solving mysteries! I should put up a map of the world and start sticking those different colored push pins in the countries you travel through! Where’s Waldo (Eva) Maybe it will spell something in code! hahaha

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