The Today Show…Again!

17 Apr
Dear Readers,

I must be a glutin for truly annoying senseless television shows in the morning! (don’t seem to have such problems in the evening.)  Once again on Wednesday, April 11 as I was sipping my morning coffee (the dogs had been fed) I purposely and consciously sat down to watch The Today Show!This morning’s “idiot du jour” Nadya Suleman (Octomom) mother of 14 children. She was given air time to tell the world she has suffered property damages (van window smashed) along with receiving a death threat.

When asked by Carl Quintanilla what are you doing to protect yourself and your children? she said, “It’s kind of exacerbated my anxiety and my fear of being out in the public, so I don’t really go out often,’’  “As the result of the threats, Suleman said she has secluded herself in the family’s home most of the time and will often wear a wig or a disguise when she ventures into public.” 

Why you ask me, after the week of Samatha Brickthe obnoxious and self absorbed British woman, am I still watching The Today Show….And my response, I don’t know!  Maybe because I’m a very loyal person.  I have started my day with The Today Show for as long as I can remember as did my mother but this state of denial I’m in regarding the lack of quality of NBC early morning show can not be ignored much longer! I really do have to start watching ABC in the mornings!

Asklotta and staff wants to simply say to NBC The Today Show as we MIND YOUR BUSINESS..we do NOT care nor should anyone with an IQ above 80 about another woman’s impressive display of stupidity! Nadya along with the help of her fertility doctor; (both lacking in moral and social responsibility,) chose to have 14 children, knowingly she could not care/support all of them without the help/assistance of her family and unknown/unwilling givers (the state of CA).  Her mother went on national television, confessed she had told Nayda not to have any more children before this last batch, she no longer was able to help, she was at her financial limit. But Nadya along with her fertility doctor proceeded….now she claims she is receiving death threats for going on public assistance (food stamps) 

I have a question…why hasn’t the fertility doctor been made to pay child support? He was the one who got her pregnant! 

…And as far as NBC and other networks giving Nadya publicity is exactly what CBCorp stands firmly against…rewarding bad behavior!…this truly is what she has wanted all along (two pregnancy – 14 children) But with all that said, I do hope that the La Habra, CA police find and arrest the person/s who are responsible for her property damages and the death threat!…My prediction the next money making idea on Nadya Suleman, she will sue someone for something!…here’s an idea, how about your fertility doctor!

Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!

Kindest regards,


President and CEO


2 Responses to “The Today Show…Again!”

  1. amy April 17, 2012 at 9:58 am #

    I keep watching “Today Show” because of loyalty. But yesterday as I was working out I watched both GMA and Today and they both had the stupid feeding tube diet on and I must say GMA got it better since they had talked to the woman that was shown in all the spots about it. My thinking is if she wanted to lose the last 10 pounds she should have had her breast implants removed and that would have done it.
    But I am still a “Today Show” girl. But Josh is cute.

    • asklotta April 17, 2012 at 10:44 am #

      Hahaha You are so correct! having her brain removed would only have removed a couple of ounces! But why can’t we jump to GMA in the morning? There’s something and I can’ put my fingure on it???

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