“You Go Girl”

12 Apr
Dear Readers,
The cover of Time Magazine (March 26, 2012), “The Richer Sex”…”Women are overtaking men as America’s breadwinners. Why that’s good for everyone.” The article begins, “Women, Money and Power…As female economic clout grows, it is changing how men and women work, play, shop, share, court and even love each other.” by Liza Mundy
Ms. Mundy has done a wonderful job of exploring the changing male/female roles in today’s society, and reports some interesting statistics concerning American households.  The first part of the article tells the story of Gary Hawkins; He and his wife raise the traditional American family in Michigan, he was the sole breadwinner, supported six children and a wife and now only one of his children (a son) is living the traditional life in which he was raised….”five households supported by women.” It seems in these families everyone loves their untraditional roles and in fact Hawkins’ sons and daughters seem to be flourishing in the uncharted redistribution of work, income and household duties/roles.
But not all men and women adjust seamlessly into these new roles.  Many men and women are struggling to find their identities and are confused in how to deal with a whole new set of gender issues than the previous generations dealt with. One woman who’s the breadwinner in her family says, “I have friends where it’s the man who’s earning more money, and the woman says to me, ‘He gets really upset when I want to redecorate the kitchen,’ and I’m supposed to be very sympathetic to the woman because I’m a woman,” she says. “But I also understand the husband’s point of view much better than I would like to, I understand the feeling that ‘I’ve earned it.”
Ms. Mundy sites different examples of how women go to great lengths to hide their success and financial stability while simultaneously shower over the top adoration and appreciation for their spouses/boyfriends’ contributions that were once thought of as hobbies. Ms Mundy says “…these women may be trying harder than they need to. There is strong evidence that earnings make a woman more, not less, desirable as a partner.”  
But maybe these women’s appreciation is not over the top, maybe they are exercising more emotional intelligence then their counter parts! 
Women have seen both sides, both view points and we’ve all heard the saying “when you walk a mile in their shoes,” or heels in this case,  a more insightful clarity and understanding can come from the view of a great pair of heels! Meaning: women are more empathetic and appreciative to what it takes to make a household run smoothly as well as, the under pinning of a great relationship…The emotional respect needed to ensure a wonderful relationship for both contributing partners and therefore remain adoring and appreciative!   


It will be very interesting how the landscape of America will change and how we all will move forward….Now that women are taking over as the major breadwinners, what else will change?…What domino effect will happen?…. Will laws change?… Will men raise their sons to be “stay at home” fathers and will they prepare and raise their daughters to take on the role as the family’s main financial support system? It appears the latter has already begun! Will couples move towards a more harmonious balance, recognizing that it doesn’t matter who earns the money, or who cleans the house, or who cares for the children? Or will we throw the baby out with the bath water …..Will it be too difficult for the majority of men to be happy as the financially subservient partner? Will the power and inner peace that comes along with financial independence make women feel that they don’t need to depend on or be dependent on- a man? Will marriages be just a thing of the past?
Only time will tell….
Asklotta and staff never missing an opportunity to MIND YOUR BUSINESS, recognizes the more empowered women become, the happier and safer they and their children become….benifiting not only them, but men and our nation! So let me say this, “you’ve come a long way baby” this has been a long time coming. “Strong is what happens, when you run out of weak” and I say …”You Go Girl”  you deserve it!!!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO


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