When is a “Thank you”…too much?

10 Apr
Dear Readers,

A friend called this morning and said “I have an Asklotta question, I need your advice and advising”… she needed CBCorp to MIND HER BUSINESS! OMGoodness, at 6:43 AM my day could not get any better then it is right now, at this moment. I’m at the summit of my day! A smile flew to my face from ear to ear, I have a faint memory of jumping up and down…someone was actually calling for advice, BEGGING for my very opinionate opinion (begging could possible be a stretch) but anyway….let me explain!

My friend had a luncheon, she treated some of her friends to a special afternoon on her birthday, symbolically showing how her friends have added something special to her life…. Her way of thanking them for the happiness, laughter and support throughout the years!  She clearly stated …No Gifts, Please! Her friends got together and made a donation in her name to one of her favorite charities in Atlanta.  She thanked them generously and graciously in person at the luncheon.  Now the question before me; She wants to know, is there a need for an additional “thank you” note to her friends for their donation? 

Emily Post said, when you open a gift in front of the giver, it is then the appropriate time to thank them and there is no need to write an additional “thank you.” The giver knows you have received the gift and they have been thanked. ….Manners are suppose to make life easier not more difficult.  
Asklotta and staff’s very opinionated opinion is…No need for the additional “thank you!” Since you were the one “treating” your friends to a lovely afternoon (lunch), the gift you received was a hostess gift, not a birthday gift. In addition, you already thanked them (generously and graciously) at this point a thank you note  becomes all too much, (where does it stop?)…reminding me of a Three Stooges episode (decades ago), Mo, Larry and Curly kept continuously bowing, saying thank you, (creating awkwardness) making it impossible for anyone to exit the room!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do.
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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