Kitchen Renovations!

4 Apr
Dear Readers,
A couple years ago while flat on my back recovering from a back problem, I saw this wonderful show on TV, “The top 10 Kitchens in America” They showcased the most gorgeous kitchens I have ever seen. But what really made it unique was the kitchens were created as a reflection of the homeowners’ personalities. 

For example; 
1) A man that just loved to make piazza’s. The kitchen was remodeled to include a specially designed area for making piazzas including a wood burning oven. He was thrilled, his love and spirit could flourish in his kitchen. His wife was thrilled, a happier husband.
2) A woman hated clutter so much she had her kitchen specially designed with tiled sliding counter top walls. So beautifully done one would never know the walls could slide back and forth hiding all her kitchen clutter; coffee maker, sugar bowls, toaster etc…Her kitchen was immaculate.
3) A couple loved to entertain while making sushi together. In the middle of their newly renovated kitchen was a sushi bar. They now had a beautiful work space for creating sushi together as their family and friends gathered around to talk and eat.
4) A Couple loved Italy so much they had their kitchen renovated to look and feel as if they were in an Italian villa

The show was about half over when my silent investor walked in to the room. I proclaimed, the corporation’s kitchen needs renovating to reflect my personality and true spirit. I said with enthusiasm and passion,  I love eating piazza, I love Chinese food, I love Italian food, I loved my trips to France and oh how I love sweets! I need my own speciality space, I need less clutter in my life, I just know if I had a wood burning oven and less clutter, there would be culinary harmony filtering throughout the corporation. 

Now what you all have to understand, I do not cook…I make reservations and I’m very good at it. I am a card carrying supporter of delicious and easy pre-prepared foods (J. Pistone’s my favorite.) I believe we all have talents and cooking is not one of mine! Not shameful nor regretful but in fact very proud! When friends and family come over for dinner they know they will be treated to the most wonderful and delicious meal, because I will not be cooking it.

Without skipping a beat my silent investor responded…”well dear, all we need is a take-out window to make it easier for the delivery person to throw our food in”  hmmm…It is obvious he doesn’t understand about creativity and positive flow of energy maybe I should have recorded the show for him to watch at a later date?

Then it happened…my neighbor renovated their kitchen.  They spent time, they spent money, picking out new state of the art appliances, beautiful tile and cabinets! They talked, they discussed, making important decisions regarding their most important room in their house (where family and friends gather.) They had workers disrupting daily routines, installing and creating but well worth it…. I stood by watching (spying over hedges) delivery of a refrigerator, a freezer, the size I’m sure in all fashionable restaurants…an oven bigger then many NY City apartments!
The day arrived, the renovations were completed.  We all stood in their kitchen (which I’ve dubbed, the museum of modern art) we marveled at the artistic beauty of their kitchen. We marveled at how they expanded the use of their kitchen, all agreeing, the most important room in any house.  We marveled at the increased value in their home, we all could feel the creativity and positive energy flowing throughout the room; a room that nourishes the mind body and soul.  We all marveled at the thought of dinner invitations! Which there have been….but so far I’ve only seen….”Take Out.” …As we MIND YOUR BUSINESS the only conclusion I can think of…. my neighbor’s silent investor must have seen the show from beginning to end and found her true spirit and creativity in a warming drawer!

Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!

Kindest regards,


President and CEO




5 Responses to “Kitchen Renovations!”

  1. saaaam29 April 4, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    Reblogged this on saaaam29.

  2. mschinagle April 5, 2012 at 1:13 am #

    Dearest asklotta,
    We write from the energy flowing from our spectacular warming oven—yes indeed you have once again nailed the essential issue however… must admit it has been very nice to have the take out at the perfect temperature-no? And at our upcoming pot luck dinner aka passover seder for 20 we will be sure to see if the rest of the appliances actually turn on and off!!
    Might your next blog have something to do with picking out the perfect grey for the walls and window treatments?
    all our love- from the other side of the hedge ps next time lets order out indian food…(or how about turkish?)

    • asklotta April 5, 2012 at 1:39 am # time “Take Out” my treat! So thrilled you moved in…the blog “well” will never run dry!

  3. Perth kitchen renovations April 18, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

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