Ring-less In VT!

30 Mar
Dear Asklotta,
My husband and I have been married for 12 years. I love my husband and the thought of cheating has never entered my mind. But one of our source of conflicts, my wedding rings. I like to take my wedding rings off while I workout, swim, etc. He has a problem with this. He feels I should never take my rings off no matter what and when I remove my wedding rings, I remove him as well. I disagree completely! Who is right? 
Ring-less in VT
Dear Ring-less,
Asklotta and staff at CBCorp would love to MIND YOUR BUSUINESS regarding jewelry; I’ve never had a jewelry problem I didn’t love to solve!
Your’re right of course! But whether you end up taking your rings off or keeping them on, is a completely different matter. When it comes to respect, thoughtfulness, love and compromise, which are some very important ingredients to a happy marriage… there are times when it can’t be reduced to just a right or wrong decision? Oh how I wish! If only life could be so simple!
For some reason after 12 years of marriage your husband’s feels get hurt when you remove your wedding rings. There could be 101 reasons and just possibly, none of them are your fault.  But, if after calmly talking with your husband, reassuring him of your love and devotion, explaining the reasons behind removing your rings (possible damage and lost) and in the end,  he is still going to be hurt by this behavior…keep them on or at least while your working out with him! Asklotta’s very opinionated opinion…there are just too many more important issues to disagree over in a marriage and jewelry shouldn’t be one of them!
…. And if you end up damaging or losing your rings, just think how much fun the two of you will have buying LARGER JEWELED new ones!
As always, it’s been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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