Whoops…Don’t Forget To Pack Your Manners!

28 Mar
Dear Readers,

Emily Post stated: Manners are to make everyone’s lives easier, not more difficult. Growing up, I think there was a time I would have loved to argue just the opposite with her!  Oh the pains of writing thank you notes, not chewing and talking at the same time ( so much to say, so little time!) and not yelling for your brother, standing in the kitchen, while he is upstairs. But as I grew older I realized what Emily Post was saying… Manners make everyone’s existences more pleasant and hence: easier.   

While relaxing (I mean working) by the pool, feeling the sting of losing three straight hands in gin rummy, and still mulling over last night’s question in our game “would you rather” (would you rather have a horses head or hooves for hands and feet?  I went with hooves of course, I could run so fast),…A mother of two boys began screaming at the top of her lungs: “Iguana!!” Trust me when I say, everyone on this 2,000 acre plantation heard her! “I-GUA-NAAA!” She continued screaming for her kids -who must have been in the other pool, with their heads submerged under water- not to hear her. Now as interesting as Iguanas are, to yell at the top of your lungs around this exquisite pool is just plain bad manners as it creates a very un-pleasant existence for all around. Its not like we were in their backyard where such behavior would be excused. My part-time employee (my daughter) and I wanted to yell back “I’m coming!” just so someone- anyone- would come see this amphibious creature and she could stop yelling. While I’m sure this mother had no intentions of being rude and disruptive, that was exactly what she was. Asklotta has to remind her readers that WE MIND YOUR BUSINESS… and good manners are all about decisions, actions and consequences! I fear that her children will grow up screaming to their children…hopefully for something more interesting than an Iguana!

On the bright side, Asklotta also witnessed perfect pool side etiquette today that even Emily Post would agree was flawless.  While part-time employee and I were carrying on, a child screamed for his mother’s attention from across the pool. The first thing this mother (again of two boys) did was put her finger to her lips and said “do not yell, please lower your voices now.” The older son said “why”…and she so politely responded…”because this pool is too nice for you to yell and we are not at home.” 
Bravo to that women for teaching her children that when they are in public they must act with manners. After all, if I wanted to vacation in someone’s backyard, I would have stayed in my own and had a lot more fun listening to the sweet sounds of my very adorable and very charming neighbor’s, two and four year olds, who I just adore ( generous offerings of squished strawberries in fists) and could have saved myself the airfare!
As my mother would say: “Not everyone is going to love your children like you do”… and even like your neighbor!
Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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