Business Trip!

24 Mar
Dear Readers,

This morning I am leaving the office very very early for a business trip to expand CBCorp’s horizons and possible client base. Full time staff with remain in the office to carry on with their daily “duties” and responsibilities. I will be leaving with complete trust and confidence that Elwood, Tommy and Augie will be able to maintain and secure all perimeters in and around CBCorp! WE MIND YOUR BUSINESS this week out on location.

I will be traveling with one of my many part-time workers. Her main work responsibilities include, but certainly are not limited to….making me laugh, pointing out at the most hilarious moments, that I’m nuts, but, “it works”, reminding me, we do need an umbrella by the pool because the sun is damaging our skin, playing gin rummy, along with commiserating, nothing could be so awful in life, as getting a little water splashed on us, by a very happy/thrilled child, while jumping in to the most exquisite pool….just brutal! There might be some extra duties regarding decision making on food and the capacity of…what, when and where! And hence this is why I remind my staff  (part-time and full) almost daily…there is a reason why WORK is a four letter word.

I’ve already started to prepare for our yearly philosophical debate (point, counter point) … I remain firm and strong in my opinion/position that, cold delicious blender drinks on the beach ( happy calories)  are different and hence processed differently as to delicious out for dinner french fries in the winter (mean calories) the body can and does interpret and differentiates between such said calories. My part-time employee’s, counter point: NO, they are both empty non-nutritional calories and will haut your “bottom-line” both equally the same.  My strategy this year, will be in the “timing.” I will wait patiently until after cocktail hour….I seem to have, for reasons unknown, more success in debating and persuading during that time of the evening!

I’ve already submitted my travel documents to my silent investor for informational purposes and to reconfirm the need of extra financial support during this business trip. I reminded him… “You have to spend money, to make money” CBCorp is a non-profit corporation, and I do stress non-profit. He requested all receipts should be saved and attached to travel documents for reviewing upon completion of trip…I then tried to impress upon him, the importance and value in the building of a strong corporation which takes time and money! I have full confidence upon my return in Elwood’s unique ability to smell danger in paper!… But on the other hand, maybe I should use the “timing strategy!”  
As a reminder, when you are President and CEO of your own company…there is no taking a vacation!

It has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!

Kindest regards,


President and CEO



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