Appropriately Dress!

23 Mar
Dear AskLotta,

Spring has sprung! I’m so excited to put away all my bulky sweaters and wool pants take out all my cute summer clothes! However, I actually find it much harder to dress for work in warm weather than in winter. I work at a hedge fund where every day is “casual friday”. The men are in khakis and button downs, no tie, no jacket, all year around. However, as a woman, it can be difficult to look simultaneously professional and casual, especially during this time of year when a cute summer dress can seem appropriate in the store, but then you realize its too casual once you’re sitting at your desk wearing it. Any tips to looking awesome and appropriate all summer long at my business-casual office?
Dear Appropriately Dressed,


You have come to the right corporation, Asklotta and staff are always appropriately dressed for any and all occasions! We here at CBCorp feel there is nothing like putting our best foot/paw forward while WE MIND YOUR BUSINESS. Now lets try to solve your best foot forward problem.
I feel going with some pretty colors while maintaining a professional look is the key this spring. It is time to drop kick your woollies to the curb and jump in to a brighter and lighter feel. I love pencil skirts (JCrew) this spring with a pop of color, paired with a white silk blouse that screams fresh and professional along with giving your arms some coverage for the appropriate office demure . Don’t rule out a fun “City Mini” in pink by JCrew..again with crisp starched button downs and definitely wear flat shoes in the office with this skirt. Leave a cardigan at your desk, tie it around your neck when the AC gets too much. I think a black outfit with a jewel tone sweater is just delicious, and the perfect way to say, I’m brilliant and boss, you are so lucky you hired me!  Warm and polished, you will leave people smiling! ….what more could a girl want?
Also one of CBCorps favorites is the fuchsia pink capri pant (JCrew), toped off with a crisp starched white button down, along with a short fitted black blazer. It just shouts… spring come on in to my office! I’m starting to feel almost sorry for those poor men in plain old khakis pants especially without any hope of a pink and orange Lilly tie. How will they lift their spirits in to spring and get rid of their tired old winter blah’s?
Don’t forget “the scarf” option. Grabbing a couple of JCrew scarf’s can push your wardrobe in to a more value per wear, just swapping in and out different colored scarf’s can give a completely different look, for not much money. In fact, you can sit at your desk and order a couple right now…whoops, did I say out loud… use company time for personal use…I meant to keep that inside my head.
One must also think about after work socializing, the warmer weather is the perfect time to relax with co-workers outside the work environment along with making and enhancing business connections/relationships. For day purposes, wear a sleeveless shirt underneath a blazer/sweater . Removing your blazer/sweater will easily move you from day to evening… for a more causal/comfortable feel …or for those crisp smart button downs that you so wisely put on in the morning… unbutton one more button at the top, roll up your sleeves and you are ready to relax, show a more fun side but never in jeopardy of losing the respect of co-workers and potential clients.
Start to think of an open toe shoe/platform choice for your footwear BUT…a pedicure is a must, a requirement!… before you bare your toes, you must ensure you will not make anyone throw up just by looking at you! There are NO excuses for ugly toes in the office or anywhere else for that matter!
Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth…now with the renewal of your wardrobe all set, Asklotta is demanding you give your spirit the same attention and priority for a spring renewal…do something kind at least once a day and don’t “go off” on someone just because you’re not getting what you want, imagine this, you just might not be entitled.
 Please come a little closer to your computer, I don’t want to yell….You do NOT have the right to steal someone else’s happiness, even if it’s just for a seconds or twoNamaste
As always, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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