22 Mar
Dear Readers,

Several years ago I read an article in the NY Times or Time Magazine (can’t remember) that explained the origins of gossip. Gossip was used during a time when people lived many miles away from each other, in different villages and gossiping was a way of passing along news about births, deaths and marriages from one village to the other. It was also used to keep the morals and values of their community intact and hence securing the survival of their community….If someone stole from a neighbor or cheated on a spouse…such news would have been spread from village to village through gossiping. 

Gossiping was a very important form of communication, it ensured the safety, the stability and the survival of communities and villages. People would be deterred from immoral behavior that could have spread illnesses and diseases because they wouldn’t want anyone gossiping about them. They would be embarrassed, shamed, ostracized and hence the perfect deterrent….crops would get plowed, food would be prepared, and illness kept at bay etc…
But now the question begs….Today, what acts as a deterrent from immorality and just plain bad and unkind behavior (cheating, lying, bully, turning on a webcam on a roommate)…nothing! In today’s culture it seems as if people do not get embarrassed anymore, no shame, they discard their integuty like yesterday’s news without a care. Pop culture today seems to be about mocking and making a fool out of  yourself or someone else. My sister once said, “the people that should be the most embarrassed, never are.” How wise she is!
WARNING: Opinions and Judging below – turn off device if you do not like either!

It is my opinion that judging has been misunderstood. One should NEVER judge other’s religion, sexual orientation or ethnic background etc.. I’m talking about something completely different…
Lets judge Bernie Madoff for ruining so many people’s lives and their livelihoods. Lets judge Dharun Ravi for his webcam spying (live feed) on his roommate Clementi, during a  romantic evening, causing such awful humiliation that Clementi jumped to his death at 18 yrs. old.  Asklotta does not care why these horrible people did such cruel acts, WE MINE YOUR BUSINESS through actions and consequences regarding behaviors we or others have had to suffer through!

But also, lets judge people in the most wonderful ways…. who demonstrates acts of kindness and generosity! People who fill the room with laughter and happiness… when they walk away, you have a smile on your face and are a better person because of them!  For those who work hard to be a good person, who get up everyday and do the very best they can, to support their families and friends, and for those who have gone through troubling times but due to their own strength, determination and a conscious decision… have come out, a better person! 
Some states are trying to put Bullying Laws on the books, what I’ve read, they are vague at best. There use to be a day, when one mother called the other mother and the child was punished for bully, consequences were imposed and the parents were humiliated by the unkind acts of their child. The courts are not set up nor can they handle the job of parenting.  The brake down in the family structure has created a generation of single mothers raising children alone, either by divorce or by choice.  It has been proven that children from non-divorce homes succeed at a far better rate then those who have come from a divorced home. So maybe…just maybe, some good old fashion gossiping and some judging might help/save so many children now falling through the cracks of our society or at least prevent some undo sadness and hardship!…If you don’t think so….just talk to a child of divorce or even an adult child of divorce…the scars run long and deep!
Also please know, here at CBCorp, those who work hard at repairing/amending the hurt and damage…It is in our very opinionated opinion that we judge them in the most wonderful ways…its called forgiveness!
It has been a pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!
Kindest regards,
President and CEO

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