“You can gather more bees with honey…”

20 Mar
Dear Readers,
It has come my attention there are people on this earth that are truly not interested in any kind of respectful resolutions to problems, misunderstandings, mistakes or ill feelings, but their interest lays in creating nasty scenes and bully others over conflicts and supposed entitlements.  There are people that feel so entitled, they either don’t know, understand or care… it is a favor they are demanding/requesting of others. A favor is exactly that, a favor…not entitled or owed but yet without any thoughts to others, they come at people with nasty and threaten words in hopes they will get what they want when they want it.  ….this is when my mother would say…”you can gather more bees with honey then with vinegar.”  We don’t have to burn all our bridges, this is a long life!

While I was at the Will Rogers airport in OK City this past weekend, two women arrived at their designated gate two minutes after their flight was suppose to take off.   The door (of course) had been shut, barring access to the plane that was still parked at the gate. One of the woman began to argue loudly with the airline representative  (about her rights) and please know, this angry woman, was standing about eight feet away from whom she was speaking to….so of course, it became live entertainment  for everyone and anyone to hear and see…. the perfect example of bad and unacceptable behavior (burning her bridges) to problem resolution for all morning travelers at the Will Rogers airport…. except of course, the lucky ones that were already successfully seated on said flight and I’m sure unknowingly very thankfully, for missing the early morning show. 

Of coursethere wasn’t going to be any resolution much less a happy ending for these women in that moment in time, I don’t believe a peaceful resolution was what she wanted in that split second of anger and feelings of frustration…all she wanted, in that moment in time, for someone to be on the receiving end of her mean stick. Now the funny thing is, the one person that could have helped her, was of course, the exact person she just yelled and insulted at 6:32 in the morning.  And as she and her friend walked away, just maybe she realized ….”you can gather more bees with honey then with vinegar”  along with a heart felt apology!…or at least I remain hopeful…

As always, its been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do.

Kindest regards,


President and CEO


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