Making Room!

15 Mar
CBCorp’s Kudos award goes to someone outside the company this week. My staff and I unanimously agree (please see photo below), to give this high level award to east coast Lisa for her never ending ability to make room in her heart!

Lisa has always made room in her heart for love and joy….with every new baby, came more love and joy, expanding her heart to ensuring her love included everyone. Not one child’s glory ever overshadowed another child’s success. She ensured that each member of her family enriched the lives of each other and their friends, they sang and danced to each other’s happy stories (tenacious). There were no silent wishes or prayers of failure towards a sibling due to envious and jealous feelings. 

Life came at her, as it does to us all, but Lisa and her husband chose to become closer, they chose to be a force of strength and love, they chose to remain on the same team, being their biggest fans and always making room in their heart for more love and joy! As their extended families, married, divorced, married, had children…Lisa always kept making room in her heart for more love and joy to include her changing and expanding family! 

Lisa yesterday announced the engagement of her second child with the same love, joy and excitement as she did a couple months earlier with the engagement of her oldest child’s. The second announcement did not come in second, but instead arrived with the same enthusasuim as if it was the first…with no thoughts of what she was giving up, but only of what was to be gained!

…And to her future daughter in-laws, we just know with great confidence and happiness, Lisa has already made room in her heart (and in her family) for more love, joy and laughter (equally) for you both!…and if anyone asks, “do you cook?” say NO but my mother-in-law is the most wonderful cook, and I am so lucky to have her in my life!

Big Congratulations to your ever expanding and changing family!

President and CEO

2 Responses to “Making Room!”

  1. tenacious04 March 17, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

    Awwww. I haven’t been able to catch up this week and Tom just brought this to my attention. I am honored to receive CBCorp’s Kudos award this week! Speaking of joy and love my dear friend, you have infinite capacity as well. Look around you! Adore the staff photo!!
    east coast Lisa

    • asklotta March 17, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

      Oh thank goodness!…was starting to worry you didn’t want to be the subject of a blog! Your new baby is so so adorable!!! I’m thinking ring barer??? xo, Asklotta

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